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May, 1906.
15 BELGIUM-FRANCE. Declaration signed at Brussels, with the

view of determining the delimitation and fixing the boundaries
of the frontier along the Department of Meurthe-et-Moselle.
Decree of President of France promulgating same, May 31. J.O.,
June 2, p. 3778; Monit., July 27, 1906; B. Usuel, May 31, 1906.
The declaration approves the proces-verbaux signed at Longwy-

Bas, July 20, 1903.
17 JAPAN—UNITED STATES. Supplementary convention for the extra-

dition of criminals, signed at Tokyo; ratification advised
by the Senate June 22; ratified by the President June 28;
ratified by Japan September 22; ratifications exchanged at
Tokyo September 25, proclaimed September 26, 1906. Stats. at L.,
vol. 34. Supplementary to treaty signed April 29, 1886; it adds
embezzlement of private moneys or property and larceny to the

list of crimes for which extradition may be granted.
19 DENMARK-SPAIN. Ratifications exchanged at Madrid of general

treaty of arbitration signed in Madrid, December 1, 1905. Ga.de
Madrid, May 30, 1906. All differences that shall arise and not be
settled by diplomacy shall be referred to the permanent tribunal
of The Hague; disputes involving vital interests and independ.

ence excepted. Arch. dipl., 98:46; Lovtidende, June 18, 1906.
21 MEXICO-UNITED STATES. Convention signed at Washington

respecting the distribution of waters of the Rio Grande. Ratifi-
cation advised by U. S. Senate June 26, 1906; ratified by the

President December 26; ratified by Mexico January 5, 1907.
22 DENMARK—ITALY. Ratifications exchanged of general arbitration

convention signed at Rome, December 16, 1905. Proclaimed by
king of Italy May 27, 1906. Ga. Ufficiale, July 18, 1906; B. del
Min. Aff. Esteri, July, 1906; Arch. dipl. 98:48; Lovtidende, 1906,
p. 578. “The high contracting powers bind themselves to sub-
mit to the permanent court of arbitration established at The
Hague by the convention of July 29, 1899, all differences of
whatever nature that may arise between them and which cannot
be solved by diplomacy whether originating before or after the
conclusion of the present convention. * It is under-
stood that unless the controversy bears on a convention between
the two states or is a case of denial of justice, [this agreement] will
not apply between a claimant subject to one of the parties and
the other contracting state when, according to the law of that
state, its courts are competent to adjudicate. Arch. dipl.,98:48.

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May, 1906.

For comparative comment on this convention see Fusinato:
Gli ultimo progressi dell'arbitrato internazionale. R. di dr. int.,

1:16. 25 ITALY-PERU. Extension of consular convention of June 11, 1896,

to June 11, 1907. B. del Min. de Rel. Ext., Lima, Year 3, No. 11. 25 ITALY—SWITZERLAND. Ratifications exchanged at Rome of the

five conventions signed January 18, 1906, and March 24, 1906. Proclaimed by king of Italy June 7, 1906. Ga. Ufficiale, July 3,

1906; B. del Min. d. Aff. Esteri, July, 1906. 26 FRANCE-MEXICO. Ratifications exchanged at Mexico of postal

money order convention signed at Mexico May 10, 1905; French law approving April 21, 1906; promulgated by president of France July 19, 1906. J. O., April 24, p. 2762: id., July 21,

p. 5119; B. A R., September. 26 Holy See-Kongo. Convention signed at Brussels. Arch. dipl.,

99:5. 28 PERU—UNITED STATES. Parcels-post convention signed at Wash

ington. To take effect September 1. Ratified by the President May 29. Stats. at L., vol. 34; B. Min. Rel. Ext., Lima, Year 3,

No. 11. 29 FRANCE–GREAT BRITAIN. Convention respecting the delimitation

of the frontier between British and French possessions to the east of the Niger. Ratifications exchanged at London, August 29, 1906. Adhering to the general line as fixed in January, 1904, and confirming protocol signed at London, April 9, 1906. France secures the whole eastern shore of Lake Chad. Treaty ser., 1906, No. 14; Geographical J., November, 1906; J.O., September 29,

p. 6598; G. B. Cd., 2684–46. 29 UNITED STATES. Ratification by president of Pan-American

sanitary convention, signed October 14, 1905, by delegates of eleven countries. B. A. R.,

B. A. R., June. Ratification advised by the Senate February 22. This convention and referendum was concluded at the second general international sanitary convention of the American Republics October 9-14, 1905, held in Washington. Transactions 2d int. san. con., Washington, G. P.O., 1906; U.S. Congressional Record, 40:340. For other ratifications, see


Twelfth annual meeting held at Lake Mohonk Mountain House,
Mohonk Lake, N. Y. President Hon. John W. Foster. Three

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May, 1906.

hundred members were in attendance; and six sessions held the conference adjourning June 1. The conference discussed the present status of international arbitration, the education of public opinion, creation of an international congress; work in universi

ties and among business men, etc. 31 DENMARK-FRANCE. Ratifications exchanged at Copenhagen of

convention of permanent arbitration signed at Copenhagen September 15, 1905. French decree promulgating same June 26, 1906. J. 0., December 28, 1905, p. 7635; id., June 30, p. 4435, Cuba: B. Dep. Est., August, 1906; Arch. dipl., 98:43; Lovtidende, 1906, p. 576. Text identical with British-Franco convention of October 14, 1903.

June, 1906. 1 HONDURAS. New consular tariff takes effect. B.A.R., July. 3 Kongo. Decrees of King Leopold passing into law the recommen

dations of the reform committee appointed to advise upon the best means of giving effect to proposed reforms in the Kongo State. Subjects: (1) The occupation of the land; (2) direct personal taxation; (3) collective taxation; (4) carrying of arms; (5) state warehouses stocked with merchandise suited to native wants; (6) native chief doms; (7) hiring service; (8) recruiting for the public service;(9) justice; (10) police and military operations; (11) infractions of public order; (12) currency; (13) state inspectors; (14) trading societies; (15) functions of civil officers; (16) tutelage of native children; (17) technical schools; (18) national domain; (19) sale of public lands; (20) council of the Kongo (advisory); (21) public debts; (22) officials; (23) study of rubber culture; (24) tax on caoutchouc des herbes; (25) sleeping sickness. Also an open letter from King Leopold to the secretaries of the committee in answer to criticisms of Kongo administration. B.Officiel de l'Etat indépendant du Congo, June, 1906; Times, June 11, 1906. The reform committee was appointed by King Leopold by decree of October 31, 1905, to study the conclusions of the report of the commission of inquiry (Oct. 30, 1905), and to formulate necessary plans and practical means of executing them. For the report of the commission of inquiry, see B. Officiel de l'Etat indépendant du Congo, Sept.-Oct. 1905; Report of the Commission of Enquiry in the Congo Free State, translated by E. A. Huybers, Brussels, 1905. On the history, administration, ques

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June, 1906.

tion of intervention, etc., see Descamps: L’Afrique nouvelle, Paris and Brussels, 1903; Wack: The Story of the Congo Free State, New York, 1905; The Truth about the Civilisation in Congoland, London, 1903; Mille: le Congo léopoldien, Paris, 1905; MacDonnell: King Leopold II., his rule in Belgium and the Congo, London, 1905; Lefébure: Le régime des concessions au Congo, Paris, 1904; Cattier: Étude sur la situation de l'État indépendant du Congo, Brussels and Paris, 1906; Bourne: Civilisation in Congoland, London, 1903; U.S. Senate, 49th Cong., 1st Session, Ex. doc., 196; G. B. Cd., 1913, 2333, 3002; De Mares: The Congo, Brussels, 1904; Nys: The Independent State of the Congo and the General Act of Berlin, Brussels, 1903; The Congo Free State Administration, Imp. and As. Quart. R., October, 1906; Leonard: The Congo Question: a case of

humanity, id.; Morel: Red Rubber, London, 1906. 3 GUATEMALA-ITALY. Ratifications exchanged of the consular con

vention signed at Guatemala, November 13, 1905. Proclaimed by the king of Italy June 14, 1906. Ga. Ufficiale, August 14, 1906;

B. Min. Aff. Esteri, August, 1906; R. di dr. int., 1:385. 4 EGYPT-GREECE. O. S., May 22. Commercial convention. 4 5 INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF EDITORS. Fifth reunion at Milan.

Adjourned June 10. Dr. d'auteur, July, 1906. 7 COLOMBIA. Accession to Geneva convention of August 22, 1864,

for the amelioration of the condition of the wounded in armies in

the field. Treaty ser., 1906, No. 8. 11 RED CROSS CONFERENCE. Geneva. Called for the purpose of

revising the convention of August 22, 1864. See July 6. 13 ECUADOR-ITALY. Ratifications exchanged at Quito of treaty of

friendship, commerce and navigation signed at Quito, August 12, 1900. Approved by Ecuador, September 30, 1902; proclaimed by president of Ecuador, July 15, 1906; proclaimed by the king of Italy September 1, 1906. Reciprocally granting favored nation treatment. Memoria del Min. de Rel. Ext., Quito, 1906, p. 27; Italy: B. del Min. degli Aff. Est., No. 338; Ga.

Ufficiale, September 22, 1906. 14 GREECE-ROUMANIA. Rupture of diplomatic relations. For

diplomatic correspondence of the dispute, see Arch. dipl., 99: 9. 14 UNITED STATES. An Act to prevent aliens from fishing in the waters of Alaska. Stats. at L., vol. 34, p. 263.


June, 1906. 16 ABYSSINIA GERMANY. Treaty of friendship and commerce, signed

at Adis Ababa, March 7, 1905, took effect. Reichs-G., 1906, No.

25; Arch. dipl., 97: 149. 16 ITALYSWITZERLAND. Convention signed respecting fishing in

waters common to the two states. R. di. dr. int., 1:361. 18 MOROCCO. Decree giving adhesion to the Act of Algeciras. Q. dipl.,

10:703. 22 NORWAY. Coronation of King Haakon VII. at Trondheim. By a

popular vote, 259,936 to 67,554, the people of Norway on Novem-
ber 13, 1905, chose Prince Charles of Denmark as king. The
Storthing elected him unanimously November 26, 1905. See

January 29.
DENMARK-UNITED STATES. Agreement by exchange of notes

respecting industrial designs. 26 SWITZERLAND—Germany, Austria-Hungary, Belgium, France,

Great Britain, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Peru, Sweden. Protocol signed at Brussels relative to the accession of Switzerland to the international sugar convention signed March 5, 1902. Ratified by Swiss national council June 27, Mem. Dipl., July 1. State Papers, vol. 95; Reichs-G., 1903, No. 7. Approved by France August 4,1906. J.O., August 7, p.5630. To take effect September 1, 1906. G. B. Cd., 2813; Reichs-G., 1906, No. 41; Monit.,

July 11, 1906; B. Usuel, 1906, No. 157. 26 UNITED STATES. Joint resolution of Congress expressing the sym

pathy of the people of the United States with the Hebrews on account of the massacres of members of their race in Russia. Stats. at L., vol. 34, p. 835; The Russian government and the

massacres, Quarterly R., October, 1906. 27 FRANCE-LUXEMBURG. Treaty signed at Paris relative to work

men's accidents. Ratifications exchanged at Paris, October 19,

1906. R. dr. int. privé, 1906, p. 804; J.O., November 15, p. 7605. GERMANY-SPAIN. Exchange of notes extending operation of

agreement of February 2, 1899, to December 31, 1906. That convention had been denounced by Germany June 27, 1905, to expire June 30, 1906. Ga. de Madrid, June 28, 1906. See Decem

ber 24. 27 UNITED STATES. Executive Order. Regulations governing con

sular appointments and promotions. Provides for the merit system of examinations; limits appointments to the lower grades of the service, thence by promotion to vacancies in the higher

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