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June, 1906.

grades, through demonstrated efficiency; creates an examining board, prescribes subjects of examination, and limits eligibility to candidates of American citizenship from 21 to 50 years of

age. 28 CUBA-FRANCE. Postal convention. Ratifications exchanged in

. Havana, September 14, 1906. Ga. Oficial, Havana, September

17, 1906; J. O., October 25, p. 7213. 28 RUSSIA—UNITED STATES. Agreement signed at Peking respecting

trademarks in China. 29 UNITED STATES. An Act to establish a bureau of immigration,

naturalization, and to provide for a uniform rule for the naturalization of aliens throughout the United States. Stats at L., vol. 34, p. 596. Exclusive jurisdiction to naturalize aliens is conferred upon United States circuit and district courts, and state courts of record having a seal, a clerk, and jurisdiction in actions in which the amount in controversy is unlimited. All certificates of naturalization are to be furnished by the bureau. The alien's declaration of intention must precede his admission by at least two years; when naturalized must be able to speak the English language and must not be opposed to organized government.

B. A. R., September, for rules. 30 UNITED STATES. An act creating a United States court for China,

and prescribing the jurisdiction thereof. The consular courts retain jurisdiction in civil cases to $300 and criminal cases to $100 fines. Appeals are granted therefrom to the U.S. court for China, which also exercises original jurisdiction in larger cases. It has supervisory control over the discharge by consuls of their duties relating to estates of decedents in China. It holds sessions in the U. S. consulates at Shanghai (headquarters), Canton, Tientsin, and Hankow, and at any other place permitted by treaty in the discretion of the court. Appeals lie to the U. S. circuit court of appeals of the ninth judicial district. Stats. at L., vol. 34, p. 814.

See Documents, post. 30 BRAZIL. Decree No. 6079, conceding a reduction of 20 per cent in

import duties on certain articles when imported from the United States. This decree was issued under authority of Art. 6 of law 1141 of December 30, 1903, and Art. 18 of law 1452 of December 30, 1905. B. A. R., August.

July, 1906. 1 FRANCE. Act respecting the application in France of interna

tional conventions concerning industrial property. J.O., July 4,

p. 4538; R. dr. int. privé, 1906, pp. 121, 483, 815. 1 SPAIN. New customs tariff came into force. Approved by Royal

Decree June 23. See August 1. G. B. Cd., 3066. 4 GREAT BRITAIN-NICARAGUA. Agreement for direct exchange of

parcels by parcels-post. G. B. Parl. Deb., 163:1084. 6 RED CROSS CONFERENCE. Geneva. International convention

amending convention of August 22, 1864, concluded at Geneva. The original remains in the Swiss archives. Vannutelli: La revisione della convenzione di Ginevra. R. di dr. int. 1:421; Mem.

dipl., June 17, July 15, August 22, 29. 6 COLOMBIA-PERU. Modus vivendi agreement, pending ratification

of boundary arbitration treaty signed September 12, 1905, in Bogotá. B. Min. Rel. Ext., Lima, Year 3, No. 11. Treaty and complementary act (September 23) and modus vivendi of September 12 and complementary act thereto (September 23) in For. rel., 1905. A general arbitration treaty was also signed in Bogotá, September 12, 1905. "Only questions affecting the independence and honor of the two nations are excepted from this obligation. In case of doubt, this point will also be resolved by compromise. Specifically, national independence and honor will not be considered as compromised in controversies relative to diplomatic privileges, consular jurisdiction, customs and navigation duties, validity, construction and carrying out of treaties, and pecuniary claims, whatever their origin and antecedents *** the wish of the two governments to give the fullest possible interpretation to the principle of arbitration *** The sentence does not admit appeal and the carrying out of same is left to the honor of the

two nations signing it *** ten years." For. rel., 1905. 7 GUATEMALA. Adhesion to final act of conference of peace of

July 29, 1899. Laws of war on land. Monit., July 19, 1906;

B. U suel, 1906, No. 169. 16 CUBA-SPAIN. Ratifications exchanged at Madrid of treaty of

extradition signed October 26, 1905. Ga. de Madrid, August 1;

Ga. Official, August 18. 16 HONDURAS-SPAIN. Ratifications exchanged at Madrid of treaty

of arbitration signed at Madrid May 13, 1905. Ga. de Madrid, August 21.

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July, 1906. 16 HONDURAS-SPAIN. Ratifications exchanged at Madrid of treaty

signed at Madrid May 5, 1905, respecting the practice of liberal

professions. Ga. de Madrid, August 21. 16 MEXICO. President ratified Pan-American sanitary convention of

October 14, 1905. The Mexican Senate had approved it May 7,

1906. B. A. R., August. 19 BELGIUM-PERU. Consular convention. 20 GREECE-NETHERLANDS. Exchange of ratifications of extradition

treaty of August 26, 1905. 20 GUATEMALA HONDURAS-SALVADOR. Treaty of peace signed on

U. S. S. Marblehead. This treaty was brought about by the mediation of Mexico and the United States. Mem. dipl., July

29, August 12, September 2. Russia. Ukase dissolving Duma and ordering convocation of a new Duma on March 5, 1907. Times, July 23.

, 22 ABYSSINIA-ITALY. Treaty of commerce signed at Adis Ababa.

Mem. dipl., July 29; id., October 7. 23 INTERPARLIAMENTARY UNION. Fourteenth conference at London.

Adjourned July 25. Davis: The Fourteenth Interparliamentary Conference, Independent, vol. 61, p. 387; Davis: the Interparliamentary Union, id., p. 126; Times, July 24 to 27; Mem. dipl., July


Joaquim Nabuco, President. The conference resolved "to ratify adherence to the principle of arbitration; and, in order to render practical so lofty a desideratum, recommends the nations here represented that they instruct their delegates to the second Hague conference to promote in that assembly of universal character the adoption of a general arbitration convention so efficient and definite that, meriting the support of the civilized world, it shall be accepted and put in effect by every nation.” The Bureau of American Republics was reorganized, among its new duties being that of recommending and communicating topics for programs of future conferences to the several governments. Its governing board shall be the diplomatic representatives of the American republics at Washington, the Secretary of State of the United States being chairman. Two bureaus for the protection of industrial property, at Rio de Janeiro and Havana, were recommended. The conference also resolved to recommend to their governments "That they consider thi. point of inviting the second peace conJuly, 1906.

ference at The Hague to study the question of compulsory collection of public debts, and, in general, means tending to diminish among nations conflicts of strictly pecuniary origin.” Adjourned August 27. Dr. d'auteur, October, 1906; Drago: La república Argentina y el caso de Venezuela, Buenos Aires, 1903; Cuba: B. oficial del dep. de estado, November; B. A. R., March, April,

August, 1906. 30 ChilE-GREAT BRITAIN. Agreement, signed at London. Money

orders. Treaty ser., 1906, No. 10. 30 FRANCE-SWITZERLAND. Modus vivendi. Customs. See October 20.

August, 1906. 1 SPAIN-UNITED STATES. Agreement as to reciprocal tariff con

cessions, signed at San Sebastian. Art. III: "The present arrangement will enter into effect as soon as the necessary decrees and proclamations can be promulgated in both countries and it will thereafter continue in force until one year after it has been denounced by either of the high contracting parties. Each of the high contracting parties, however, shall have the right to rescind forthwith any of its concessions herein made by it, if the other at any time shall withhold any of its concessions or shall withhold any of its tariff benefits now or hereafter granted to any third nation, exception being made of the special benefits now or hereafter given by Spain to Portugal and those now or hereafter given by the United States to Cuba." See August 27,

July 1, and December 20. 4 GREAT BRITAIN. An Act to include bribery amongst the extra

ditable crimes (6 Edw. VII., ch.15). This act was necessary before the treaty signed April 12, 1905, with the United States could

be published under British law. See December 21. 8 CRETE–GREAT BRITAIN. Postal agreement for exchange of money

orders. G. B. Parl. Deb., 163:42. 10 FRANCE. Encyclical of Pope Pius X. to the archbishops and bishops

of France relative to the law of separation of church and state.

Mem. dipl., August 19.
DENMARK-UNITED STATES. Parcels-post convention signed at

Washington and ratified by the President same date; signed at

Copenhagen, June 30, 1906. Stats. at L., vol. 34. 16 Italy. Proclamation of law authorizing government to give

execution to the convention of June 7, 1905, for the creation of

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August, 1906.

an international institute of agriculture, having its seat in Rome,
and to adhere as a member of the first group. B. Min. degli Aff.
Est., No. 338; Ga. Ufficiale, September 4, 1906; Times, March 5;
L'iniziativa del Re d'Italia e l'istituto internazionale d'agricol-
tura, Roma, tip. naz., 1905, 724 pp; Labra: El Instituto Agricola
Internacional, R. dr. int. y politica exterior, Madrid, 1:5. The
international agricultural conference convened at Rome May 28,
1905. Forty-one countries were represented. Conférence Inter-
nationale d'Agriculture, Procès-verbaux, Rome, 1905; G. B. Cd.,
2958; For. rel., 1905. United States ratification advised by Senate

June 27, 1906; ratified by the President July 7, 1906.
Costa Rica. President ratified Pan-American sanitary convention

of October 14, 1905. B. A. R., September.
20 CUBA. Uprisings in provinces of Santa Clara and Pinar del Rio.

See October 23. 23 PERU ratified Pan-American sanitary convention of October 14,

24 GREAT BRITAIN-NICARAGUA. Ratifications exchanged at London

of treaty signed April 19, 1905, at Managua, with regard to Mos-
quito territory. Treaty ser., 1906, No. 11; For. rel., 1905. The
treaty of Managua, January 18, 1860, is abrogated, and Great
Britain recognizes the absolute sovereignty of Nicaragua over
the Mosquito territory. Nicaragua exempts the Mosquito
Indians and Creoles born before 1894 from military service and
from direct taxation for 50 years, and guarantees them the same

rights as are guaranteed by the laws to Nicaraguan citizens.
24 GREAT BRITAIN-NICARAGUA. Ratifications exchanged at London

of treaty signed July 28, 1905, at Managua, respecting friendship,
commerce and navigation. Abolishment of the free port of San

Juan del Norte. Treaty ser., 1906, No. 12; For. rel., 1905.
27 UNITED STATES. Proclamation issued under the authority of the

third section of the tariff act approved July 24, 1897. Reci-
procity with Spain, to take effect September 1. Stats. at L.,
vol. 34. See August 1.

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September, 1906.
1 SPAIN SWITZERLAND. Treaty of commerce signed at Berne. Laid

before Cortes November 10. Ratifications exchanged at Madrid
November 19. Ga. de Madrid, November 13, 20 and 22.

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