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November, 1906. 29 FRANCE,SPAIN. Exchange of notes extending indefinitely the

existing commercial modus vivendi based on most favored nation customs treatment. Expires three months after denouncement. Ga. de Madrid, December 1.

December, 1906. 1 PORTUGAL—SPAIN. General Act, signed at Lisbon. Demarca

tion of boundary from mouth of the Miño to the confluence of the Caya and Guadiana. In pursuance of Art. 24 of the Lisbon boundary treaty signed September 29, 1864. State Papers, 62: 941. Exchange at Lisbon of notes confirming same, December 1.

Ga. de Madrid, December 20; R. dipl., December 9. 5 MOROCCO. Identic note presented by France and Spain to govern

ments represented at Algeciras conference on the affairs of

Morocco. Times, December 7; Q. dipl., 10:763. 5 CHINA-JAPAN. Agreement signed at Peking for transfer to China

of Newchwang. Times, December 2 and 7. 5 ITALY-ROUMANIA. Treaty of commerce signed at Bucharest.

R. dipl., December 9. 6 GREAT BRITAIN. Constitution granted Transvaal. G. B. Cd., 3250;

Times, December 13. 10 NOBEL PEACE Prize awarded by Norwegian Storthing to President

Roosevelt. Times, December 11. For foundation of the Nobel

prizes and rules governing their award, see Almanach de Gotha. FRANCE. Separation law goes into operation. Jerrold: France

and the Pope's move, Monthly R., January, 1907; Ward: The Pope and France, Nineteenth Century, January, 1907; Bérard: Les

cultuelles, La Nouvelle R., 44:41. 13 FRANCE-GREAT BRITAIN-ITALY. Two agreements signed at

London respecting Abyssinia. Times, December 14; Q. dipl.,

10:782; R. dipl., December 16. 14 UNITED STATES. Ratification of Act of Algeciras by President;

ratification advised by Senate, December 12. For other ratifi

cations see Q. dipl., 10:730 to 763. 19 FRANCE-SALVADOR. French law authorizing President to ratify

convention signed August 24, 1903, at San Salvador. Reciprocal protection of industrial property. J. 0. December 23, p. 8502.


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December, 1906.
20 SPAIN—UNITED STATES. Exchange of notes at Madrid defining

the interpretation of the reciprocity agreement signed August 1,

1906. Ga. de Madrid, December 21.
21 GREAT BRITAIN-UNITED STATES. Ratifications exchanged at

Washington of supplementary extradition treaty signed at
London April 12, 1905. Ratified by Great Britain, November
14, 1906; ratification advised by U. S. Senate December 13;

ratified by the President December 21. Stats. at L., vol. 34.
24 GERMANY-SPAIN. Commercial modus vivendi extended to June

30,1907. Signed at Madrid. La Correspondance Universelle, 1:6.
31 INTERNATIONAL. Ratifications of Act of Algeciras deposited at

Madrid. Ga. de Madrid, January 2, 1907.

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LAW, 1906


Alaska, compilation of acts of Congress and treaties relating to. 1906. 496 p. Bureau of insular affairs. (S. doc. 142.)

Braun, Marcus, papers relating to case of, special immigrant inspector, and Hungarian government. 21 p. Dept. of state. (H. doc. 482).

Bulgaria, reciprocity with, proclamation. 1906. 1 p. President.

Bulgaria, reciprocal commercial agreement between the United States and, under provisions of sec. 3, act of July 24, 1897. 2 p. Treasury dept. (Dept. circular 90, 1906.)

China, act creating United States court for, and prescribing jurisdiction thereof. 1906. 3p. Congress. (Public 403.)

China, hearings before committee [Apr. 17, May 1, 1906, in pursuance of S. R. 65, authorizing committee to investigate), boycott of American manufactured goods by people of. 46 p. Senate. Committee on immigration.

China protection of trademarks in, agreement [between United States and Russia] effected by exchange of notes, June 28, 1906. 2 p. Dept. of state.

China, report amending H. 17345, creating U. S. district court for, and prescribing jurisdiction thereof. 1906. 3 p. House of reps. Committee on foreign affairs. (H. rept. 4432.)

Chinese, treaty, laws and regulations governing admission of. 1906. 58 p. Bureau of immigration.

Chinese boycott, statement of Chauncey R. Burr, relating to, or change of exclusion clause of Chinese treaty. 1906. 7 p. Senate. . (S. doc. 449.)

Chinese exclusion [hearings on H. R. 12973). 1906. 194 p. House of reps. Committee on foreign affairs.

Chinese-exclusion laws, facts concerning enforcement of. 1906. 162 p. Bureau of immigration. (H. doc. 847.)

When prices are given, the documents in question may be obtained for the amount noted from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C.

Citizenship, report adverse to S. J. R. 30, to create commission to examine into subjects of, of the United States, expatriation and protection abroad. 1906. lp. House of reps. Committee on foreign affairs. (H. rept. 4784.) Claims against foreign governments. 1906. 8 p. Dept. of state. 71

Confederate States of America. Journal of the Congress, 1861-65. 7 vols. War dept. (58th cong., 2d sess., Sen. doc. 234.)

Congo Free State, letter concerning conditions in the Congo. 1906. 2 p. Dept. of state. (H. doc. 565.)

Congo Free State, papers relating to conditions alleged to exist in. 1906. 30 p. Senate. (S. doc. 316.)

Consular Service, hearing [Feb. 16, 1906) on S. 1345, to provide for reorganization of. 1906. 18 p. House of reps. Committee on foreign affairs.

Consular service, report amending S. 1345, for reorganization of, with hearings. 1906. 52 p. Senate. Committee on foreign relations. (S. rp. 112.)

Consular service, report amending S. 1345, for reorganization of. 1906. 29 p. House of reps.

Committee on foreign affairs. (H. rp. 2281.)

Consular service, public act 83, for reorganization of the. 1906. 4 p.

Consulates in the Orient, report amending H. R. 348, calling for reports made by Herbert H. D. Peirce of inspection of U.S. 1906. 1 p. House of reps. Committee on foreign affairs. (H.rp. 2168.)

Consulates in the Orient, report on inspection of United States. 1906. 444 p. Dept. of state. (H. doc. 665.) Consuls, rights and duties of. 1906. 154 p. Dept. of state. Price,

. # cloth, 50c.

Continental Congress, Journals of the. 1774-89. v. 1-6. Library of Congress. $1 per vol.

Costa Rica, extracts from London newspapers relating to, debt. 1906. 11 p. Senate. (S. doc. 502.)

Cuba, executive order [that temporary administration of government of Cuba be conducted in Havana by provisional governor). 1 p. President.

Cuba Submarine Telegraph Company, British Corporation, papers with reference to claim of. 1906. 4p. Dept. of state. (S. doc. 325.)

Danish claims, report showing obligation to pay, under [Samoan] convention of Nov. 7, 1899, $760 in settlement of, 1906. 3 p. Dept. of state. (S. doc. 160.) Same 3 p.

Same 3 p. (H. doc. 417.)

Denmark, parcels-post convention between United States and [signed at Copenhagen, June 30, Washington, Aug. 15, 1906, approved, Aug. 15, 1906.] 12 p. Post-office dept.

Denmark, parcels-post convention with. 1 p. T'reasury dept. (Dept. circular 87, 1906.)

Denmark, supplementary treaty between U. S. and, for extradition of criminals, signed at Washington, Nov. 6, 1905, proclaimed Feb. 19, 1906. 4 p. Dept. of state.

Dominican Republic, resolutions of New York board of trade and transportation, urging ratification of treaty with. 1906. 6 p. Senate. (Senate confidential ex. doc. 3.)

Emigration, reports by Marcus Braun [regarding, to the United States). 1906. 52 p. Bureau of immigration. (H. doc. 384.)

Emigration of aliens to U. S, report amending H. R. 6018, to call international conference for purpose of securing international agreement relative to regulation of. 1906. 1 p. House of reps. Committee on foreign affairs. (H. rp. 3400.)

Foreign relations, papers relating to, with annual message of President, 1905. 1906. Dept. of state. (H. doc. 1.) Price, cloth, $1.

France, report of this government's obligation to pay, $3,391.13 in settlement of Samoan claims. 1906.

Dept. of state. (H. doc. 612.)

French-Venezuelan mixed claims commission of 1902, report of. 1906. 471 p. Dept. of state. (Senate doc. 533.)

Germany, report adverse to H. R. 346, calling for information as to arrangement made with the German government in reference to the tariff relations between the U. S. and. 1906. 6 p. House of reps. Committee on ways and means. (H. rp. 1833.)

Germany, Reciprocity with, proclamation. 1906. 1p. President.

Germany, reciprocity with. 1 p. Treasury dept. (Dept. circular 26, 1906.)

Great Britain, convention between United States and, providing for surveying and marking out upon ground of 141st degree of west longitude where said meridian forms boundary line between Alaska and British possessions in North America, signed at Washington, Apr. 21, 1906, proclaimed Aug. 21, 1906. 3 p. Dept. of state.

Great Britain, convention between United States and, signed at Washington Apr. 21, 1906, for survey of Alaskan-Canadian boundary along 141st meridian. 1906. 4 p. Dept. of state. (Senate confidential ex. doc. G.)

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