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Glenara came first with the mourners and shroud;

Her kinsmen they follow'd, but mourn'd not aloud:

Their plaids all their bosoms were

olded around :

They march'd all in silence

they look'd on the ground.

In silence they reach'd over mountain and moor,
To a heath, where the oak-tree grew lonely and


Now here let us place the grey stone of her cairn : • Why speak ye no word!'-said Glenara the stern.

* And tell me, I charge you! ye clan of my spouse,


- Why fold ye your mantles, why cloud ye your

brows ?'

So spake the rude chieftain:-no answer is made; But each mantle unfolding a dagger display'd.

• I dreamt of my lady, I dreamt of her shroud,'

Cried a voice from the kinsmen, all wrathful and


* And empty that shroud, and that coffin did seem:

• Glenara! Glenara! now read me my dream!'

0! pale grew the cheek of that chieftain, I ween,

When the shroud was unclos'd, and no lady was seen;

When a voice from the kinsmen spoke louder in scorn,

'Twas the youth who had lov’d the fair Ellen of Lorn:

• I dreamt of my lady, I dreamt of her grief,

• I dreamt that her lord was a barbarous chief:

On a rock of the ocean fair Ellen did seem;

· Glenara! Glenara! now read me my


In dust, low the traitor has knelt to the ground, And the desert reveal'd where his lady was found;

From a rock of the ocean that beauty is borne,

Now joy to the house of fair Ellen of Lorn!



OF Nelson and the North,

Sing the glorious day's renown,

When to battle fierce came forth

All the might of Denmark's crown,
And her arms along the deep proudly shone;
By each gun the lighted brand,

In a bold determin'd hand,

And the Prince of all the land

Led them on.


Like leviathans afloat,

Lay their bulwarks on the brine;

While the sign of battle flew

On the lofty British line :

It was ten of April morn by the chime:

[blocks in formation]
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