The American Farmer Vol. X

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Strana 21 - A blank, my lord : She never told her love, But let concealment, like a worm i...
Strana 219 - I hereby claim as my invention, the said process or method of manufacturing shear steel; and such my invention, being to the best of my knowledge and belief, entirely new and never before used within that part of his said Majesty's United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, called England, his said dominion of Wales or Town of Berwick upon Tweed.
Strana 82 - ... from whence the same shall have been imported into the United States, and the number of such yards, parcels, or quantities, and such actual value of every of them as the case may require...
Strana 141 - I deem the duty, now performed at the request of the president and directors of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company, and the corporations of the District of Columbia, one of the most fortunate incidents of my life.
Strana 102 - O yes, mamma ! how very gay Its wings of starry gold ! And see ! it lightly flies away Beyond my gentle hold. " O, mother, now I know full well, If God that worm can change, And draw it from this broken cell, On golden wings to range, — " How beautiful will brother be, When God shall give him wings, Above this dying world to flee, And live with heavenly things !
Strana 102 - MOTHER, how still the baby lies ! I cannot hear his breath ; I cannot see his laughing eyes — They tell me this is death.
Strana 81 - On all manufactures of wool, or of which wool shall be a component part, except...
Strana 214 - Now birds flying in the air, and meeting with many obstacles, as branches and leaves of trees, require to have their eyes sometimes as flat as possible for protection ; but sometimes as round as possible, that they may see the small objects, flies and other insects, which they are chasing through the air, and which they pursue with the most unerring certainty. This could only be accomplished by giving them a power of suddenly changing the form of their eyes. Accordingly, there is a set of hard scales...
Strana 81 - ... cents per pound : on tacks, brads, and sprigs, not exceeding sixteen ounces to the thousand, five...
Strana 23 - Certainly, if a man will keep but of even hand, his ordinary expenses ought to be but to the half of his receipts; and if he think to wax rich, but to the Jaird part. It is no baseness for the greatest to descend and look into their own estate. Some forbear it, not upon negligence alone, but doubting to bring themselves into melancholy, in respect they shall find it broken : but wounds cannot be cured without searching.

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