Shakespeare and Elizabethan Poetry: A Study of His Earlier Work in Relation to the Poetry of the Time

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CUP Archive, 5. 7. 1979 - Počet stran: 279
Professor Bradbrook's subject in this study, which was first published by Cambridge in 1979, is no less than the relating of Shakespeare's work to the poetry, criticism and life of his age. Drawing upon a considerable body of evidence, she shows how Shakespeare was influenced by medieval thought, by classical sources, by the popular verse and the theatre of his day, and by the Elizabethan use of language. Professor Bradbrook then proceeds to examine some of his plays in detail; although not writing from the standpoint of any special theory, she includes several interpretations of plays - of All's Well that Ends Well for instance, and of Henry IV - which have proved influential.

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Court Poetry of Elizabeths
Elizabethan Poetic and
The Ovidian Romance
Character in Shakespeares
Titus Andronicus Rape of Lucrece
Henry VI Richard III Richard II
Sonnets Two Gentle
Alls Well Merchant of Venice
Loves Labours Lost As You Like
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