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Set up, electrotyped, and published December, 1902. Reprinted
November, 1903; January, August, 1905 ; July, 1906; January,
July, 1907*:- Mazch, July, 1908; February, 1909 ; February, June,
November, 1919; Judy,1911;. September, 1912 ; March, August, 1913;
January, 1914.


The immediate interest, unattended by historical perspective or severe analysis, which this classic must arouse is, I believe, a sufficiently sound pedagogical reason for its appearance in this series. And the opportunity it offers for studying (1) a simple type of narration as distinct from the more complex types and (2) the means here employed to produce a definite unity, of effect in the whole, cannot be unwelcome to teacher or student. With this end in view I have simply sought in the introduction to give an idea of the making of Stevenson, the writer, — leaving for the most part the technical elements of his style to appear by analysis in the class-room, and to arouse the student's interest in the man ; to the end that he may be led to know at first hand more of this graceful stylist and inspiriting personality. The notes are either explanations of sea-terms or suggestions for the enlargement of romantic interest. The text is that of the second English edition. The portrait used as the frontispiece is from a hitherto unpublished photograph of the author.

H. A. V.

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