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laus, Santa Clara, and Alameda, as established in Section 3932; thence northwesterly on the west line of San Joaquin County to the slough known as the Pescadora (being the west channel or old San Joaquin River); thence westerly in a straiglit line until it strikes the dividing ridge in the direction of the house of Joel Harlan, in Amador Valley; thence westerly along said ridge, crossing the gulch one half mile below Prince's Mill; thence to and running upon the dividing ridge between the redwoods known as the San Antonio and Prince's Woods; thence along said ridge to the head of the gulch or creek (Cerrito Creek) that divides the ranches of the Peraltas from the San Pablo Ranches; thence down said gulch to its mouth; thence westerly to the easterly line of San Francisco, as established in Section 3950; thence southeasterly along the eastern line of San Francisco and San Mateo to the place of beginning. Horace A. Higley's survey and map of Alanieda County, eighteen hundred and fiftysevenl, are declared to contain a more particular description of the line out of the Bay of San Francisco. County seat-Sail Leandro.

NOTE:--Stats. 1851, p. 174; 1852, p. 178; 1873, p. 56; 1876, p. 145; 1857, p. 222. Sections 3950, 3953, and 3954, define in the best possible manner the boundaries of the counties therein named. No charges in the former laws were attempted by these sections, beyond bringing the boundary lines of adjoining counties together, and making perfect inclosures. G. F. Allaidt, Esq., Chief Engineer of the Tide Land Survey, rendered great assistance in the matter of county boundaries. The following letter from that gentleman explains itself, and his suggestions have all been given place in the sections above mentioned: OFFICE OF TIDE LAND COMMISSIONERS,

} To the Honorable Revision Commissioners, Sac.:

GENTLEMEN: A proof sheet of your Chapter on County Boundaries was handed to me by Tide Land Commissioner Bullock, who requested me to examine

those sections relating more particularly to the counties
bounding upon San Francisco Bay, and to report the
result of my examination to your honorable Board.

I have made the examination, and send you here-
with a brief report, accompanied by a map exhibiting
more clearly the boundaries in question. I also inclose
your proof sheet, with corrections and marginal notes.

My connection with the work of the tide land survey
has given me facilities-in fact, made it one of my
official duties-to ascertain and lay down, with all pos-
sible certainty, the county lines in and around San
Francisco Bay; hence I have spent much time in
examining and comparing all statutes and maps bear-
ing on the subject.

Trusting, therefore, that my suggestions will be of
assistance in your complicated and arduous labors, I
have the honor to remain,
Yours, very respectfully,

Chief Engineer Tide Land Survey.



3954. Beginning in Bay of San Francisco, at the Contra northwest point of Red Rock, being the common corner of farin, Contra Costa, and San Francisco, as established in Section 3950; thence up the Straits and Bay of San Pablo, on eastern boundary of Marin, to point of intersection with line bearing south twenty-six and one half degrees east, and about six and one quarter miles distant from southwest corner of Napa County, as established in Section 3958, forming common corner of Marin, Solano, Sonoma, and Contra Costa, as established in Section 3955; thence to the Straits of Carquinez; thence up said straits and Suisun Bay, to the mouth of the San Joaquin River; thence up said river, to the confluence of the west and main channels thereof, as laid down on Gibbe's map; thence up the said west channel, to a point about ten miles below Moore and Rhodes' ranch, at a bend where the said west channel, running downward, takes a general course north, the point being on the westerly line of San Joaquin County, and forming the northeast corner of Alameda and south

east corner of Contra Costa; thence on the northern line
of Alameda, as laid down on Horace A. Higley's map,
and as established in Section 3953, to the easterly line
of San Francisco City and County, as established in
Section 3950; thence due northwest, along said east-
erly line of San Francisco, four and one half miles,
more or less, to the place of beginning.
County seat-Martinez.

NOTE.-Stats. 1851, p. 174; 1852, p. 178; 1853, p. 56;
see note to Sec. 3953, ante.




3955. Beginning at northwest corner, at a point in the Pacific Ocean west of the mouth of Walhalla River; thence east to the mouth of said river, and up the main channel two miles; thence easterly in a direct line to the most northern and highest peak or summit of the Redwood Mountains, immediately north of Cloverdale and Oat Valley; thence east to the western boundary of Lake County, on the summit of the Mayacmas Ridge, forming northeast corner; thence southerly along the Mayacmas Mountains, and on the western lines of Lake and Napa Counties, to the westerly branch of headwaters of Iuichica Creek; thence westerly on the line of Napa County to the top of the main ridge that divides the the Huichica Valley from the Sonoma Valley; thence southerly along the said dividing ridge to the tule bordering on San Pablo Bay; thence southerly to the center of Huichica Creek; thence down said creek to its mouth, which is the southwest corner of Napa; thence on the line of Solano south, twenty-six and one half degrees east, about six and one quarter miles distant from the mouth of Huichica Creek, to the point of intersection with the westerly line of Contra Costa County, forming common corner of Marin, Solano, Contra Costa, and Sonoma, as described in Section 3954; thence fol

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lowing the northern boundary of Marin westerly to
the mouth of Petaluma Creek; thence up said creek
to the mouth of San Antonio Creek; thence up said
San Antonio Creek to its head; thence in a direct line
to the head of the Estero Americano, on the line sur-
veyed and established by William Mock, under the
direction of the Surveyor General, in the year eighteen
hundred and fifty-six; thence down said Estero Amer-
icano to its mouth; thence due west three miles to a
point in the Pacific Ocean; thence northwesterly by
ocean shore to the point of beginning.
County seat—Santa Rosa.

Note.-Stats. 1851, p. 178; 1852, p. 236; 1855, p. 150;
1861, p. 361; 1868, p. 42.


3956. Beginning at southwest corner, in San Pablo Solano. Bay, at common corner of Contra Costa, Sonoma, Marin, and Solano, as established in Section 3954; thence north, twenty-six and one half degrees west, about six and one quarter miles on the western line of Sonoma, as established in Section 3955, to the southwest corner of Napa, at the mouth of the Huichica Creek; thence east, on southern line of Napa, to the southeast corner thereof, as established in Section 3958; thence north, on line of Napa, as established in said section, to the First Standard North; thence east, along said standard, on said Napa line, to the summit of Vaca Mountains; thence northerly, on said summit and Napa line, to Devil's Gate, on Putah Creek, which point forms the northwest corner'of Solano and southwest corner of Yolo; thence easterly, on line of Yolo, down said creek and old bed thereof, to its intersection with western line of Range Three East, Mount Diablo meridian, forming the northeast corner of Solano, with exterior angle in Yolo; thence south, along line of Yolo, on said range line, two and seven tenths

miles, to the north line of Township Seven North, Mount Diablo base; thence east, wine and seventy-two one hundredths chains, to northeast corner of said township; thence south, to the First Standard North, Mount Diablo base; thence east, on said standard line, to the center of Sutter Slough; thence down said slough to Merritt Slough, down Merritt Slough to the Sacramento River, down the Sacramento River about thirteen miles to Suisun Bay; thence down the bay, along the center of the main ship channel, in a westerly course, about eighteen miles, to the Straits of Carquinez; thence down the middle of said straits, and down San Pablo Bay, to the place of beginning. All these courses and lines being as shown by map and notes of William Wayne Fitch and E. H. Marshall, Surveyor and Deputy Surveyor of Solano County. County seat-Fairfield.

NOTE.-Stats. 1851, p. 179; 1852, p. 236; 1853, p. 20; 1855, p. 77; 1857, p. 108; 1870, p. 294. Messrs. Fitch and Marshall furnished letters and maps containing valuable information respecting the boundaries of Solano and adjacent counties.



3957. Beginning in the Pacific Ocean, at southwestern corner of Sonoma; thence southeasterly along southern line of Sonora, as established in Section 3955, to the mouth of Petaluma Creek; thence to common corner of Marin, Sonoma, Contra Costa, and Solano, in San Pablo Bay, as established in Section 3955; thence southerly along the western boundary of Contra Costa, in the Bay of San Pablo, to the middle of the Straits of San Pablo; thence southerly, in a direct line, to Invincible Rock, in the Bay of San Francisco, near the entrance of the Straits of San Pablo; thence, in a direct line, to northwestern point of Red Rock; thence southerly to the extreme southeasterly point of Angel Island; thence southwesterly

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