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to the extreme end of Point Cavallo at low water mark;
thence on the line of low water mark along the north-
ern shore of the bay to Point Bonita, and three miles
into the Pacific Ocean, to the northwestern corner of
San Francisco, as established in Section 3950; thence
northwesterly by ocean shore to the place of be-
County seat-San Rafael.

NOTE.-Stats. 1851, p. 177; 1854, p. 121; 1860, p. 269;
1861, p. 351; 1868, p. 347. The Act of 1868 leaves a
small strip between Muin and San Francisco out of
both and all counties. See, however, Secs. 3950, 3953,
3954, and note to Sec. 3953.


3958. Beginning at southwestern corner, at a point Napa. in Huichica Creek where the said creek empties into San Pablo Bay; thence east to the mountains dividing Napa Valley from Suisun Valley, forming southeastern corner; thence northerly along the summit line of said mountains to its intersection with the First Standard North, Mount Diablo base, marked by a rock monument erected by Ralph Norris; thence east along said standard line seven and three-fourth miles to Vaca Mountains, which divide the Vaca and Suisun Valleys; thence northerly along the main ridge of said Vaca Iountains to Putah Creek, at a point called the Devil's Gate; thence northerly across said creek to and along the mountains dividing Berryessa Valley from Sacramento Valley to the southeast corner of Lake County on the western line of Yolo; thence westerly along the southern line of Lake, as established in Section 3917, to its intersection with the eastern line of Sonoma; thence southeasterly on said line of Sonoma to the western branch of the headwaters of the Huichica Creek; thence westerly to the main ridge that divides the Huichica Valley from the

20-VOL. II.

Sonoma Valley; thence southerly along the said dividing ridge to the tule bordering on San Pablo Bay; thence southerly to the center of the Huichica Creek; thence down said creek to its mouth, the place of beginning County seat—Napa City.

NOTE.-Stats. 1851, p. 178; 1852, p. 192; 1855, p. 77; 1851, p. 560. No attempt was made to materially change the boundaries of any of the counties, but simply to render the lines more definite and certain. Changes should only follow urgent necessity. Nothing can produce greater confusion than frequent changes of the law in matters of territorial jurisdiction, and it is hoped that future legislation may be directed to necessary changes only. Except in cases of ancient or long established lines, reputation is not proof of boundary, and when it is received it must have arisen from deceased persons of experience and full knowledge who have declared the lines.-Lay vs. Neville, 25 Cal., p. 545. The first Act following was passed prior to the Act putting this Title into effect, which was passed March 16th, 1872; it is given, however, for convenience.

Stats. 1871-2, p. 305.
An Act to define the northern boundary line of Napa
County, adjoining Lake and Yolo Counties.

[Approved March 8, 1872.]
[Enacting clause.)

SECTION 1. The northern boundary line of Napa and the southeasterly boundary line of Lake Counties shall commence at the highest point of the Mount St. Helena; thence running in an easterly direction along the present boundary line between said counties to the Buttes Cañon Road; thence northeasterly in a direct line to the junction of Jericho and Putah Creeks; thence up Jericho Creek to the junction of Hunting Creek, in Jericho Valley; thence up Hunting Creek to a large pile ot' rocks on the southeasterly side of the county road, at the lower and most easterly end of Hunting Valley; thence in a straight line in the direction of the intersection of Bear and Cache Creeks to the county line of Yolo County; thence along the line of Yolo County in a southeasterly direction to the present county line dividing Yolo and Napa Counties.

SEC. 2. The Board of Supervisors of Napa County

shall order paid the claim of Lake County for the sum of thirty-five hundred dollars, and the Auditor of said County of Napa shall draw a warrant for the same on the Treasurer of the said county, payable from the General Fund, and the Treasurer of Napa County shall pay the same.

Sec. 3. All Acts or parts of Acts in conflict with this Act are hereby repealed.

SEC. 4. This Act shall take effect from and after its passage.

Stats. 1871-2, p. 481. An Act to create the County of Ventura, to establish

the boundaries thereof, and to provide for its organization.

(Approved March 22, 1872.] [Enacting clause.]

SECTION 1. There shall be formed out of the eastern part of Santa Barbara County a new county, to be called Ventura.

Sec. 2. The boundaries of Ventura County shall be as follows: Commencing on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, at the mouth of the Rincon Creek; thence following up the center of said creek to its source; thence due north to the northern boundary line of Santa Barbara County; thence in an easterly direction along the said boundary line of Santa Barbara County to the northeast corner of the same; thence southerly along the line between the said Santa Barbara County and Los Angeles County to the Pacific Ocean and three miles therein; thence in a north westerly direction to a point due south of and three miles distant from the center of the mouth of Rincon Creek; thence north to the point of beginning, and including the Islands of Anacapa and San Nicholas.

Sec. 3. The seat of justice shall be at the Town of San Buenaventura until otherwise provided by law.

SEC. 4. The Governor of this State shall, when this Act takes effect, appoint some suitable person, resident of Ventura County, to act as County Judge of said county, whose term of office shall continue until the first day of January, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-four, and until his successor is elected and qualified, and who shall hold his office and reside at the county seat. There shall be chosen by the qualified electors thereof at the judicial election to be holden in the year eighteen hundred and seventy-three, and every four years thereafter, a County Judge for Ventura County, whose term of office shall commence on the first Monday of January succeeding his election, and continue for the term of four years. Said County Judge of Ventura County shall receive a salary of one thousand dollars per annum, to be paid quarterly. Said County Judge shall bold the Courts required by law to be held by County Judges. There shall be three regular terms of the County Court held in each year, said terms to commence on the first Monday in February, June, and October; provided, however, the County Judge may, call and hold special terms of the Probate Court whenever public necessity may require. Said County Judge shall discharge all the duties required by law of County Judges in this State.

SEC, 5. There shall be an election held in the County of Ventura within sixty days from the time of the first meeting of the Commissioners. There shall be chosen at said election, by the qualified electors of said county, one District Attorney; one County Clerk, who shall be ex officio Auditor, Recorder, and Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, and ex officio Clerk of the County, Probate, and District Courts; one County Superintendent of Public Schools; one Sheriff, who shall be ex officio County Tax Collector; one County Assessor; one County Treasurer; one County Surveyor; one County Coroner, who shall be ex officio Public Administrator. Said county officers shall hold their respective offices until the first Monday in March, A. D. eighteen hundred and seventy-four, and until their successors are elected and qualified. There shall be chosen at said election, by the qualified electors thereof, one Supervisor for each Supervisor di-trict in said county, who shall hold their offices as follows: District Number One, until the first day of January, A. D. eighteen hundred and seventy-three; District Number Two, until the first day of January, A. D. eighteen hundred and seventy-four; and District Number Three, until the first day of January, A. D. eighteen hundred and seventy-five; provided, that all Supervisors duly elected and qualified Supervisors of Santa Barbara County, residents of Ventura County, shall hold their office for the term provided by law, upon having duly qualified as township officers of Ventura County. There shall be chosen at said election, by the qualified electors thereof, two Constables and two Justices of the Peace for each township; provided, however, that all Constables and Justices elected at the general and judicial elections held in the year A. D. eighteen hundred and seventy-one, residents of Ventura County, shall hold their offices for the time provided by law, upon having

duly qualified as township officers of Ventura County for the respective townships in which they reside, as said townships are organized by the action of the Board of Commissioners provided for by this Act. The term of office of the Justice of the Peace and Constables of Ventua County shall be the same as in other counties in this State.

SEC, 6. The Governor shall, when this Act takes effect, appoint five persons, residents of the proposed county, who shall be and constitute a Board of Commissioners to perfect the organization of the said County of Ventura, a majority of whom shall constitute a quorum. Said Commissioners shall meet in the Town of San Buenaventura within twenty days after their appointment, and after being duly sworn to faithfully discharge their duties as prescribed by this Act, shall organize by electing from their number a President and Clerk. They shall then divide said county into three townships, define their boundaries, and designate the name of each. They shall also divide said county, by townships, into three Supervisor districts, and number the same. They shall also establish election precincts, and appoint one Inspector and two Judges of Election for each precinct in said county. They shall give thirty days notice, by proclamation in some newspaper published in the county, or if there be no newspaper published in Ventura County, then said publication to be made in some newspaper published in the County of Santa Barbara, of the officers to be elected, the precincts established; and the officers of election of each shall also designate the boundaries of each district, with their names or numbers; also, bounds and number of each Supervisor district. Said Commissioners shall, on the second Monday after said election, meet at the county seat as a Board of Canvassers, and proceed to canvass the election returns. Said Commissioners, their President and Clerk, are hereby authorized and required to discharge the same duties as are now required by law of Buards of Supervisors and County Clerks in the counties in this State, so far as the same applies to holding elections, canvassing election returns, and issuing certificates of election. They shall keep a full record of all their proceedings, and file the same with the original election returns in. the County Clerk's office, as soon as he shall have been qualified, and thereupon the powers and duties of said Commissioners shall cease and terminate.

Sec. 7. It shall be the duty of the Bor'd of Supervisors of Ventura County, whose election is by tliis

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