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Act provided for, to meet at the county seat on the first Monday of the month subsequent to their election and qualification, and elect the member from District Number One Chairman. They shall then allow such per diem and mileage to the Commissioners and officers of election as they may think proper and just; and such allowance shall be paid by a warrant drawn in favor of each by the proper officers. Said Board, or majority of them, shall then appoint two freeholders, residents of Ventura County, to act as a Board of Commissioners, whose duty it shall be to meet a like number of Commissioners, appointed by the Board of Supervisors of Santa Barbara County, at a time and place agreed upon. Such joint Commissioners shall then organize by appointing from their number a President and Secretary, and shall immediately proceed to determine the indebtedness of said county at the time when this Act takes effect. After ascertaining the total amount of indebtedness, they shall ascertain the total market value of the assets belonging to the county under consideration. They shall also ascertain the assessed value under the assessment of eighteen hundred and seventy-one of the property in the territory hereby set apart to form Ventura County. Then, after deducting the total value of assets from the total amount of indebtedness, so as to ascertain the actual indebtedness, the proportion due from the County of Ventura shall be ascertained as follows: As the total assessed value of property in the territory taken from Santa Barbara County to form Ventura County is to the total assessed value of said county, so shall be the proportion of the actual indebtedness of Ventura County to Santa Barbara County; and when so ascertained said Commissioners shall certify to their respective Boards of Supervisors such amount. The Board of Supervisors of Ventura County shall then cause to be issued the bonds of Ventura County, payable in five years from the organization of said county, to the County of Santa Barbara, for such sum as the Commissioners certify to be due, bearing the same rate of interest as the County of Santa Barbara is now paying on such debt. Said Board of Supervisors shall procure and provide a suitable place or places to be used as a Court House and Jail, and for the accommodation of the various county officers. They shall then, in accordance with the general laws governing Boards of Supervisores, levy State and county taxes; provided, that for the General Fund they shall have power to levy not exceeding eighty cents on each one hundred

dollars of taxable property in said county. They shall also levy a tax of ten cents upon each one hundred dollars of taxable property in said county, which shall be collected as other State and county taxes are collected; and when so collected the same shall be set apart pro rata as a Sinking Fund to liquidate the debt due from Ventura County to the County of Santa Barbara, affected by the creation of Ventura County; and when there shall be five hundred dollars or more placed to the credit of said County of Santa Barbara it shall be the duty of the Board of Supervisors of Ventura County to draw upon their own order such sum and purchase the warrants of said County of Santa Barbara; and upon presentation to the Treasurer of the County of Santa Barbara he shall surrender a like amount of Ventura County bonds; said bonds shall then be canceled and on their face countersigned by the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and filed in the Clerk's office. Said Board of Supervisors shall exercise such other powers and duties as are conferred by the general laws on Boards of Supervisors in the counties of this State. The levy of taxes for the first year shall be as effective as if levied at the time provided in the general law.

SEC. 8. All civil actions, or proceedings in the nature of actions, whether original or upon appeal, civil or criminal, which shall be pending in the District Court, County Court, or Probate Court, in the County of Santa Barbara, at the time of the organization of Ventura County, in which the defendants are residents of Ventura County, shall be removed for trial and final determination to the proper Courts of Ventura County on motion of any party interested; provided, that all actions commenced for the collection of taxes and licenses shall not be removed from the Courts of Santa Barbara County; provided, further, that in all criminal causes, where the offense was committed within the present limits of Ventura County, upon the application of the District Attorney of Ventura County, said causes shall be removed to Ventura County.

Sec. 9. All residents or property holders of the County of Ventura, upon application to the County Recorder of the County of Santa Barbara, and upon the payment of the fees required by law, shall be entitled to receive a transcript of the record, duly attested, of any property situated in the County of Ventura, and recorded in his office; and upon presentation of said transcript to the County Recorder of Ventura County, and upon the payment of the fees required by law,

said County Recorder shall record the same, and said record shall have the full force and effect of the original record; provided, however, the Board of Supervisors of Ventura County shall, within two years, procure a suitable set of books, and make such arrangements as they may agree upon with the County Recorder of Santa Barbara County for transcribing therein all necessary records, properly certified; said records to have the same effect and force of the original records; provided, that the expense of such records shall not exceed the sum of four thousand dollars.

Sec. 10. The County of Ventura shall be attached to and form a part of the Third Senatorial District, and for judicial purposes, shall be attached to and form a part of the First Judicial District. The terms of the District Court shall be held in and for the County of Ventura on the first Monday of March, July, and November of each year.

Sec. 11. The county officers of Ventura County shall, except as otherwise provided by this Act, be elected at the same time as the county officers in other counties of this State, and shall hold their offices for the term fixed by law. They shall give bonds for the faithful discharge of their duties, to approved by the County Judge, in the following sums: Sheriff, in the sum of six thousand dollars; as ex officio County Tax Collector, in the sum of fourteen thousand dollars; the County Clerk, and ex officio the Recorder and Auditor, in the sum of five thousand dollars; the Assessor, in the sum of five thousand dollars; the County Treasurer, in the sum of twenty thousand dollars; the County Surveyor, in the sum of two thousand dollars; the Coroner and ex officio Public Administrator, in the sum of five thousand dollars. The Supervisors of Ventura County shall provide for the election of their successors, whose term of office shall be three years.

SEC. 12. All otticers provided for by this Act shall perform duties as required by the general laws of the State, unless otherwise provided by this Act.

Sec. 13. The Supervisors of Ventura County shall receive for their services four dollars per day, and twenty-five cents per mile for coming to the county seat; provided, that for the year A. D. 1873, and every year thereafter, the per diem and mileage of any one Supervisor shall not exceed the sum of two hundred dollars.

SEC. 14. The officers of Ventura County shall receive the following salaries and fees: The Treasurer shall receive per annum the sum of six hundied dollars; the Assessor shall receive per annum the sum of six hundred dollars; the District Attorney the sum of five hundred dollars; the Superintendent of Public Schools the sum of three hundred dollars. The fees of all other officers shall be the same as is provided for in an Act to regulate fees of office, approved March 5th, A. D. 1870, for similar officers in the County of Santa Barbara,

Sec. 15. Ventura County shall be entitled to five Notaries Public, as provided for by law.

Sec. 16. The Superintendent of Public Schools of the County of Santa Barbara shall furnish the Superintendent of Public Schools of Ventura County a certified copy of the last census lists of the different school districts in the territory set apart to form Ventura County, and shall draw his warrant on the Treasurer of Santa Barbara County in favor of the Superintendent of Schools of Ventura County for all money that is or may be due by apportionment, or otherwise, to the different districts (school) of Ventura County,

Sec. 17. All delinquent taxes due the County of Santa Barbara at the time this Act takes effect, from the persons or propert in Ventura County, shall be paid to and collected by the proper officers of Ventura County, and the Auditor of Santa Barbara County shall certify such delinquent taxes and tax list in duplicate to the Collector and Auditor respectively of Ventura County; they shall be collected by the officers of Ventura County in the same manner as delinquent taxes are collected in the other counties of the State.

Sec. 18. The Supervisors may issue Ventura County bonds in a sum not to exceed in the aggregate twenty thousand dollars, bearing interest not to exceed ten per cent per annum, payable in ten years from the date of their issuance; the principal and interest of said bonds to be paid in the gold coin of the United States; and may negotiate the same to provide a cash fund to be used in the payment of the first expenses of the county and the salaries of its officers. After the issuance of said bonds, no debt shall be created by the County of Ventura in excess of the amount of money in the Treasury of said county.

Sec. 19. All Acts and parts of Acts, so far as they conflict with the provisions of this Act, are hereby repealed.

SEC. 20. This Act shall take effect and be in force from and after the first day of January, 1873.

21-VOL. II.



SECTION 3969. Disputed boundaries, how settled.
3970. Report to Surveyor General on disagreement of Super-

3971. Surveyor General to determine boundary.
3972. Approved surveys to be conclusive.
3973. Surveys heretofore made declared approved and valid.
3974. Cost of survey to be apportioned equally among coun-

ties interested.
3975. Which county owns real property when co ty is

3976. Petition for change of county seat.
3977. Supervisors to order election.
3978. Notice of election, etc.
3979. Election, how held and conducted.
3980. Voter to vote for place he prefers.
3981. Notice of result.
3982. Place chosen to be county seat.
3983. Statement of result.
3984. No second election to be held within one year.
3985. Subsequent removal of county seat.

Disputed 3969. All common boundaries and common corboundaries, how ners of counties not adequately marked by natural settled.

objects or lines, or by surveys lawfully made, must be definitely established by surveys jointly made by the surveyors of all the counties affected thereby, and approved by the Boards of Supervisors of such counties, or by a survey made by the Surveyor General, on application of the Board of Supervisors of any county affected thereby.

NOTE.-The Probate Court of the county in which the decedent lived at the time of his death retains jurisdiction of the estate, though the place fall into a new county erected thereafter.-Est. of Harlan, 24 Cal., p. 182. Parol evidence existing in reputation of a boundary is evidence when and in what case.—See

Lay vs. Neville, 25 Cal., p. 545. Report to 3970. If the first mode is adopted, and the Board General on of Supervisors do not agree upon and finally approve disagreement of Supervisors

the survey, each Surveyor must make a report to the

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