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4. A “Franchise Book,” containing all franchises Samo. granted by them, for what purpose, the length of time and to whom granted, the amount of bond and license tax required.

5. A “Warrant Book,” to be kept by the County Auditor, in which must be entered, in the order of drawing, all warrants drawn on the Treasury, with their number and reference to the order on the minute book, with the date, amount, on what account, and name of


NOTE.- Rev. Stats. Iowa, 1860, p. 52, Sec. 318. 4032. The regular meetings of the Boards of Regular Supervisors must be held at their respective county fixed. seats on the first Mondays in May, August, November, and February of each year, and must continue from time to time until all the business before them is disposed of. Such other meetings must be held, to canvass election returns, equalize taxation, and other purposes, as are prescribed in this Code or provided for by the Board.


NOTE.-Stats. 1861, p. 511, Sec. 1; 1867-8, p. 541,
Sec 1.

4033. In the counties of the first and second Other

regular classes additional regular meetings, not exceeding two meetings in each year, may be provided for, fixed, and held for tixod. the transaction of business by an order duly entered of record, in which must be specified the character of business to be transacted at such additional regular meetings, and none other than that specified must be transacted. Notice of the order fixing such additional meetings must be published for four weeks, in a paper published in the county, before the ordinance is effective.

4034. If at any time after the adjournment of a Special regular meeting the business of the county requires a how called. meeting of the Board, a special meeting may be

ordered by a majority of the Board. The order must be entered of record, and five days notice thereof must, by the Clerk, be given to each member not joining in the order. The order must specify the business to be transacted, and none other than that specified must be transacted at such special meeting.

NOTE.-Stats. 1855, p. 52, Sec. 5. Meetings 4035. All meetings of the Board must be public, and records public. and the books, records, and accounts must be kept at

the office of the Clerk, open at all times for public inspection free of charge.

Note.-Stats. 1855, p. 52, Secs. 6–8.



SECTION 4046, General permanent powers.

1. To supervise official conduct of county officers.
2. To district county.
3. To create election precincts.
4. Roads, bridges, etc.
5. Indigent sick.
6. To provide county farm.
7. To provide rooms for county purposes.
8. Acquire property for the county.
9. Provide county buildings.
10. May sell county property.
11. Audit accounts of officers.
12. Allow accounts.
13. Levy tax for current expenses.
14. Board of Equalization.
15. To direct legal proceedings.
16. To insure property.
17. To grant franchises.
18. Fix compensation of officers.
19. To fill vacancies.
20. To ordain health regulations.
21. To contract for printing.
22. To publish proceedings.
23. May ordain certain regulations.
24. May ordain rules to govern Board.
25. May provide a seal.
26. May do all other acts required or necessary.




4046. The Boards of Supervisors, in their respec- General tive counties, have jurisdiction and power, under such powers. limitations and restrictions as are prescribed by law:

1. To supervise the official conduct of all county To super: officers, and officers of all districts and other subdi- conduct of visions of the county charged with assessing, collect- officers. ing, safe keeping, management, or disbursement of the public revenues; see that they faithfully perform their duties; direct prosecutions for delinquencies; and when necessary, require them to renew their official bonds, to make reports, and to present their books and accounts for inspection.

NOTE.-Stats. 1855, p. 54, Sec. 11. 2. To divide the counties into townships, school, To district road, and other districts required by law, change the same and create others, as convenience requires.

3. To establish, abolish, and change election pre- To create cincts, and to appoint Inspectors and Judges of Elec- precinets. tions, canvass all election returns, declare the result, and issue certificates thereof. 4. To lay out, maintain, control, and manage public Roads,

bridgos,etc. roads, turnpikes, ferries, and bridges within the county, and levy such tax therefor as authorized by, law.

5. To provide for the care and maintenance of the Indigent indigent sick, or the otherwise dependent poor of the county; erect, officer, and maintain hospitals therefor, or otherwise. provide for the same; and to levy the necessary tax therefor, per capita, not exceeding three dollars, and an ad valorem tax not exceeding one fifth of one per cent, or either of such levies, when both are not required, on all taxpayers and taxable property



of the county.


6. To provide a farm in connection with the County To provido Hospital, and make regulations for working the same. farm.

7. When there are no necessary county buildings, to To provido provide suitable rooms for county purposes.

rooms for county purposes.

Acquire property for the county.

Provide county

county' property.

8. To purchase, receive by donation, or lease any real or personal property necessary for the use of the county, preserve, take care of, manage, and control the same; but no purchase of real property must be made unless the value of the same has been previously estimated by three disinterested citizens of the county, appointed by them for that purpose, and no more than the appraised value must be paid therefor.

9. To cause to be erected and furnished a Court buildings. House, Jail, Hospital, and such other public buildings

as may be necessary. May sell 10. To sell at public auction at the Court House

door, after thirty days previous notice given by publication in a newspaper of the county, or posted in five public places of the county, and convey to the highest bidder, for cash, any property, real or personal, belonging to the county, paying the proceeds into the County

Treasury for the use of the county. Audit

11. To examine and audit the accounts of all officers having the care, management, collection, or disbursement of moneys belonging to the county, or appropriated by law or otherwise for its use and benefit.

12. To examine, settle, and allow all accounts legally chargeable against the county, except salaries of officers, and order warrants to be drawn on the County Treasurer therefor, and provide for the issuing of the

same. Levy tax 13. To levy such tax annually on the taxable prop

erty of the county as may be necessary to defray the current expenses thereof, including salaries otherwise unprovided for, not exceeding one dollar on every one hundred dollars of value for any one year; and to levy such taxes as are required to be levied by special or

local statutes. Equaliza

14. To equalize the assessments. To direct 15. To direct and control the prosecution and de

fense of all suits to which the county is a party.

accounts of officers.

Allow accounts.

for current expenses.

Board of


legal procoedings.




health rog


16. To insure the county buildings in the name of To insuro

property. and for the benefit of the county.

17. To grant licenses and franchises, as provided by To grant law, for constructing, keeping, and taking tolls on roads, bridges, ferries, wharves, chutes, and piers.

18. To fix the compensation of all county officers Fix comnot otherwise in this Code or by general or special of officers. law fixed, and provide for the payment of the same.

19. To fill by appointment all vacancies that may To fill occur in county or township offices, except those of County Judge and Supervisor.

20. To adapt to the county the provisions in this To ordain Code, for the preservation of the health of San Fran- ulations. cisco or Sacramento, for such limited time as they may deem proper, and to provide for the expenses thereof.

21. To contract for the county printing, and provide To contract books and stationery for county officers.

printing. 22. At the adjournment of each session of the Board To publish

procoodto cause to be published in a newspaper or otherwise ings. a fair statement of all their proceedings, and semiannually a statement of the financial condition of the county. 23. To make regulations for the destruction of May ordain

certain reggophers, squirrels, other wild animals, and noxious ulations. weeds, and to levy a special tax of not exceeding three cents on each one hundred dollars of taxable property, wherewith to pay rewards therefor. To make regulations for the protection of game, fish, and shellfish, and for the prevention of injuries to sheep by dogs, and to tax dogs, and direct the application of the tax. When such regulations are made as provided in this section relating to game and fish, the laws of the State for the protection thereof are suspended in such county.

NOTE.-Stats. 1870, p. 316.

23_VOL. II.

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