Creating Caring and Nurturing Educational Environments for African American Children

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Greenwood Publishing Group, 2000 - Počet stran: 216

The history of the education of African American children in one Alabama town is reconstructed over a period of 100 years, from the First Reconstruction period to the Second Reconstruction period (Governor George Wallace's stand in the schoolhouse door). Lessons learned from this case study, in addition to 15 years of desegregated education in the community, provides a perspective for educational policymakers to consider, as they attempt to plan effective schools in the 21st century for all children in America.

Many have viewed segregated schools for African American students as dens of educational pathology with poor teachers and administrators, poorly operated academic programs and activities, dilapidated school buildings, and scarce resources. Until the last two decades, little had been written about the internal functioning of these schools or the positive impact of their efforts from the perspective of their students, families, teachers, or administrators. Despite being underfunded, understaffed, and issued second-hand books and equipment, this school and community worked together, as did many other African American schools and communities, to create effective schooling for children.

This study addresses four major questions: (1) What kinds of educational experiences did teachers and principals view as important for the successful education of African American children? (2) How did the school interact with parents and the community? (3) How did the educational environment change when African American children began attending desegregated schools? (4) What can we learn from this successful school for African American children as well as their experiences in the desegregated setting that will provide a perspective for educational policymakers as we plan effective schools for all children in this country? The findings from this case study present a perspective on which educational policymakers can build as we plan caring, nurturing, and equitable learning environments for children in schools in all communities.


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The Role of
It All Began with Miss Doss
The Heart of the Matter
A Center
Learning Nurturing
Can It
Where Do We Go from Here?
Appendix A Significant Dates and Events Related to African
Appendix B Methodology
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VIVIAN GUNN MORRIS is Professor of Education, Department of Instruction and Curriculum Leadership, the University of Memphis.

CURTIS L. MORRIS is Accountability Specialist, Department of Research, Standards, and Accountability, Memphis City Schools.

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