A Nation Under God?: Essays on the Future of Religion in American Public Life

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R. Bruce Douglass, Joshua Mitchell
Rowman & Littlefield, 2000 - Počet stran: 252
A Nation under God? is a collection of original essays by political and legal theorists on the future of religion as an active influence in American public life. Contrary to popular sentiment, the contributors, who are themselves men and women of faith, regard the American tradition of bringing faith actively to bear on public affairs as one of the strengths of the American polity. Yet, they also acknowledge that the role of religion must be appropriately recast to suit a new political era. A Nation under God? displays a distinctive set of arguments on topics that range from the ethics of religious witness in public life to the future of civil religion in America.

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The Role of Judaism in Shaping
Faith Doubt and Public Dialogue
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\R. Bruce Douglass is dean of the faculty of Georgetown College at Georgetown University. Joshua Mitchell is associate professor of government at Georgetown University.

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