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ries of proud and blasphemous unbelievers, but purify yourselves from the morbific contagion of vice, by an ablution in that fountain of happiness-THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION.

It has been asserted by the enemies of Christianity, that it has been the source of contention and war among mankind. But the truth is, designing men, under the pretext of religion, obtained an ascendency over the minds of others, and practised the greatest oppression and cruelty, which they endeavoured to Sinction by their pretended zeal for truth. If we except a few instances of bigotry and persecution, we shall find, on consulting history, that mankind never became truly humanised, till the benign precepts of Christ subdued the ferocity of the passions.

Our deistical writers, like the French Theophilanthropists, first cull some of the purest morals froni Christianity, and afterwards ungratefully depreciate its benign influence, and stigmatise it as the cause of war and contention among mankind. By such plausible assertions, and their artful adulation of human perfection, innovators have insinuated themselves into the favour of the fashionable world. They “speak smooth things, and prophecy deceits, for the gratification of the rich and vain, whose example must ever have a powerful influence on the morals of the community.

But suppose, ye laughter-loving dames, and philosophic beaux, you discovered a combination of assassins, ready to lift their empoisoned stilettos against your hearts; would you

shrink?--Such, indeed, are your deistical instructors, who, un. der the semblance of friendship, are your worst


enemies--the destroyers of your present and future happiness! They first deprive you of your best hopes by their vain glorious opposition of the subtle reflections of reason to the revelation of the Deity; and then by sarcasms against the imperfection of human institutions, endeavour to overturn the order of civilised society. Investigate their fine spun reasonings, and they vanish into air" into thin air ;” and like the delusions of magic-instead of the superb edifice, the beautiful and perfumed pavilion of delight, erected by reason—you will find yourselves wandering amidst the hideous pitfalls of error and despair.

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How charming is divine philosophy!
Not sour and crabbed, as dull fools suppose,
But musical as is Apollo's lute.


," was

« THERE is nothing new under the sun,". the observation of a Jewish sage; but had he lived in this age of refinement, he would probably have embraced another opinion. Instead of ladies travelling from the most distant regions to learn wisdom of him, he might have obtained from our FEMALE PHILOSOPHERS some ideas on the natural equality of the seres:

Our fair sages, armed with the triple panoply of reason, wit, and beauty, have boldly entered the lists of competition to assert their native rights. They have already proved to a demonstration, that there is no superiority of the male over the female sex : but that the former, by some accidental advantage, not content with equality, had, by a tyrannic assumption, violated the privileges of the latter.

It is worthy of remark, that the founder of this new sect, like the fabled Luna of old, descended from her luminous elevation to caress her favourite, Endymion. Cavillers may say, that in this instance she behaved like a frail wonian, but her disciples are convinced that she was actuated by the most philosophic and benign philanthropy; and thus with inexpressible energy enforced her precepts by exams ple:

“ Strange to tell, she practis'd what she preach'd."

Indeed, it is evident, that she imitated the learned and delicate Eloisa, and adopted ber sublime and cxo cellent sentiments:

« Let wealth, let honour, wait the wedded dame:
August her deed, and sacred be her fame.
Not Cesar's empress would I deign to prove :---

No; make me mistress to the man I love." But Eloisa's philosophy had long been neglected by the world; and though her principles were adopted by that generous and disinterested class of females called kept-mistresses, it required the genius of a modern heroine to establish this system. London, which, like the sun, irradiates the world of science, only required the sect of female philosophers to claim the palm in every

kind of intellectual preéminence.

The noble struggles for independence so often made by every class of our fair country-women, from the duchess to the retailer of

the curtain lectures of the former, and the liberal epithets and contusioris bestowed by the latter upon their beloved uske-feliows, seem to prove, that they have an equal claim to equality. The contest for equal rights may indeed sometimes be procłuctive of momentary bickerings, but must eventually establish the beautiful claimant in her pristine independence. This event will harmonise the passions of both sexes, and, by a reciprocation of endearments, a nobler afa fection will arise. Woman, no longer looking on her partner as superior in talents or resolution, will be equally ready, nay, perhaps, the first, to defend the honour of both, if called in question; and we may soon expect to hear of frequent challenges given by the ladies to that formidable and respectable body of men, the fops.


This sect, when perfectly established, will prevent many litigations; while male and female philosophers, being bound by no tie but their own caprice, can, after a tender intercourse for years, voluntarily separate without the formality of a divorce!

The beneficial consequences of these modern refinements must be obvious:

" Relations dear, and all the charities
Of father, son, and brother,"

will soon be forgotten; and, like the Spartan youth, the rising generation will be the children of the state.

Such of our female philosophers as are blest with high spirits and activity, may with emulative ardour cope with the men in gymnastic exercises. They may learn to rein the fiery charger, wield the firelock, brandish the sábre; and demonstrate, by their puissance and irtrepidity, the natural equality of the

Let a young heroine only reflect what an amiable figure she will make decorated with a helmet, and charging the battalions of the enemy at the head of a squadron of cavalry! Thus, like Minerva herself, the glorious fairone will gain the conqueror's Freath; and if her character should be slanderes, she can challenge her calumniator to single combat.


* The idea of the equality of the sexes is truly ridicu. Jous. Man is the natural protector of woman; and the shade of subordination is so delicate as to be almost imperceptible. Let the fair-sex meekly enjoy their privileges, and leave imperial man in possession of his prerogatives, They may betiere a friend who begs leave to assure thein, that Venus anpears more amiable encirved with her cestuis, than Minerva arıned with her heim and shisid.

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