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and giving a loose to your passions, indulge in sensuality, till, when too late, you find that your mo. mentary elevation was like being placed on a pinnar cle, whence you are precipitated headlong into the abyss of misery.

Ye amiable maidens, the ornament and glory of society, beware of the insidious suggestions of delusive fancy! Now while your bearts bound with gaiety, and your beauties illumine the social circles, reflect that on your virtue depends the happiness of the community. Remember that the duties of woman are comprised in her tenderness to her relatives, as a daughter, a wife, and a mother. Reflect that the influence of a virtuous woman is absolute over the mind of man, and that her endearing manners, lier modest smiles, are irresistibly eloquent; that te arrogate an equality with the other sex will render you ridiculous and unamiable ; and that due respect for yourselves, sanctioned by the unaffected dignity of female chastity, will command the esteem, and ensure the admiration, of inankind,



RUMINATING the other evening upon the numerous discoveries which the ingenious are daily making in Philosophy, I was led by a train of thought to an anticipation of the future fame of our Sages and Literati. While I continued absorbed in these reflections I fell asleep, and a wonderful Vision presented itself to my imagination.

Methought I found myself travelling on a wide road, accompanied by several persons of both sexes, whose looks betrayed ardour and impatience. As they proceeded, I found by their conversation that they were going to the Temple of Modern Philosopły, to receive from the Goddess the reward of their services. I felt an inclination to turn back, from a consciousness that I had done nothing to merit her favour ; but my companions excited my curiosity, hy describing the magnificence of the Temple and the benignity of the Goddess, insomuch that I resolved to proceed.

We soon arrived at the entrance of the Temple, which was grand beyond desoription. Triumphal arobes, adorned with festoons, and dedicated to the honour of VOLTAIRE, BOLINGBROKE, SHAFTESBURY, Rousseau, Hume, aud GIBBON, led to the portico, which was supported by the most magnificent columns of white marble; they were in the elegant Corinthian order; but, what appeared to me very singular, they were inverted! The portico was


open, emblematic of the philanthropy of tne nes Philosophy, who unfolds her mysteries to the contemplative mind.

My companions, who had disputed during our journey with all the eagerness of competition, were now silent. A sacred áwe seemed to pervade the assembly, as we slowly advanced into the body of the Temple. A vast azure curtain of silk bespangled with diamonds, reflecting the rays of several lustres which illumined the lofty dome, was suddenly raised, and we beheld Philosophy seated on a throne of gold, adorned with gems,

in all the hues reflected light can give." She was a majestic figure; her countenance exhibited the delicate bloom of youth, dignified with the intelligence of riper years, and enlivened by a seductive smile that fascinated the beholder. Her robe was purple; she wore a crown of gold, inscribed with the words NECESSITY, REA$ON, VIRTUE, in the three primitive colours of nature.

On the right hand, sat PRIDE, adorned with jewels, and inflated with the idea of self-importance; on her left Vanity appeared in a garment of many colours, continually varying her posture, and viewing herself with smiles in a mirror.

Before the throne stood Sophistry, whose robe changed its hue every moment; an insidious smile played over her features, and she held in her right hand a cup filled with intoxicating nectar. Shion stood behind Sophistry, with her eyes

turned alternately on the Goddess and her votaries.

The wall of the temple, behind the throne, was composed of one entire prismatic substance, through which the most enchanting perspective view delight

Shady groves, sunny glades, trees bending with fruitage, Howers of variegated bloom,


éd the eye.

clear fountains, sprightly cascades, embellished with sunshine from an uncioudy sky, presented a most inviting paradise.

We gazed with mute admiration : the Goddess waved her silver sceptre, and instantly the Temple was filled with harmony. The music was quite in the modern taste, of that lively kind which excludes the strong passions, and excites to mirth by a gentle titillation. Philosophy again waved her sceptre, the music ceased, and wliile our bosoms were thrilling with pleasurable sensations she thus addressed


My beloved Votaries ! welcome, thrice welcome, to all the delights of wisdom! You shall all participate the bounty of Philosophy; but the metaphysician, as most profoundly versed in my arcana, is entitled to the most distinguished honours. Sophistry ! lead the venerable kant to my throne; long to reward a veteran who has so often contended against my enemies.”

The Sage was led forward by Sophistry, who presented her cordial to his lips. Having taken an exhilarating draught, he thus addressed Philosophy:

“Great Goddess, who hast been adored in every age under different names, behold an aged man, who, for a series of reais, has studied thy mysteries, Like thy adorers ari.ong the ancients, I have described thee as the child of nature; and by inculcating the doctrine of necessity, I have demonstrated that it is to thee alone we are to look for the developement of the human faculties : tiiat under thy insiu. ence the morals of society are in a state of sive improvemeat towards that perfectibility which is attainable by reason. The simplicity of this systemu excludes future retribution, and I have imperceptibly induced numbers of proselytes to consider thee as the first and only fair. Convinced of the propensity of the human mind to superstition, and aware of the charıns of novelty, I vienominated thy doctrine the Critical Philosophy, as one that investigated the imperfections of all other institutions. Fi. nally, O Goddess! I have argued, that with thy aid the generations of mankind will attain perfection. Thy handmaid, Sophistry, has often visited and inspired me with sublime and profound ideas; and, with the aid of the witty who have become proselytes to thy system, I hope to establish thy dominion over mankind. Myriads of Illuminati, of both sexes, irradiate the Continent, and the people of Britain seem well inclined to the adoption of thy precepts. It must be the study of thy disciples to effect a revan lution in morals; and, by indulging the human passions and appetites, persuade the nations that pleasure is the reward of thy votajies."


When the Philosopher ceased, the Goddess smiled with ineffable affection, and, extending her right hand, the Sage kissed it with the utmost devotion. Sophistry then led him to a seat on the right side of the throne, when he immediately sunk into slumber.

The next person singled from the crowd was the redoubtable Dramatist KOTZEBUE. There was a wild and impetuous ardour in his eye, the effect of an effervescent genius. He came forward with a confident look, like a man of the world who congidered effrontery as a proof of his good breeding. Sophistry offered him her newly-replenished cup, but he declined it, and with an arch smile whispe. med, “No, my dear friend, I have so long been ac

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