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"The Pathfinder did not stir. He had originally got a position where he might airn with deadly effect through the leaves, and where he could watch the Ilovernents of his enemies, and he was far too steady to be disconcerted at a moment so critical" The Pazhy?....7°r Aage o

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Entered according to the Act of Congress, in the year 1860, by

W. A. TownsKND AND COMPANY, In the Clerk’s Office of the District Court for the Southern District of New York.




Following the order of events, this book should be the third in the Series of the Leather-Stocking Tales. In the Deerslayer, Natty Bumppo, under the Sobriquet which forms the title of that work, is represented as a youth, just commencing his forest career as a warrior; having, for several years, been a hunter so celebrated, as already to have gained the honorable appellation he then bore. In the Last of the Mohicans he appears as Hawkeye, and is present at the death of young Uncas; while in this tale, he reappears in the same war of '56, in company with his Mohican friend, still in the vigor of manhood, and young enough to feel that master passion to which all conditions of men, all tempers, and we might almost say, all ages, submit, under circumstances that are incited to call it into existence.

The Pathfinder did not originally appear for several years after the publication of the Prairie, the work in which the leading character of both had closed his

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