Zambia: The Land and Its People

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Continental Press, 2010 - Počet stran: 194
This work is a general introduction to Zambia and its people. All the country's provinces and towns are covered in the book. The author also looks at Zambia since independence, the economy, the country's different ethnic groups and cultures and how the people have been able to build a stable, multi-ethnic society with one identity: One Zambia, One Nation. The author presents a comprehensive picture of Zambia and its people, customs and traditions. The book is about Zambia today. But it's also a historical study of a country which once was a part of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. The federation was also known as the Central African Federation. And what was then Northern Rhodesia, which is Zambia today, was the largest country in that colonial union. The author has focused on a number of ethnic groups in the country from a historical and cultural perspective and in terms of contemporary life. The work is also a comprehensive study of the geography of the country and its economic potential including an abundance of natural resources. It is a general study of Zambia as a country and as a nation, rich in culture - customs and traditions - and in history, and full of vitality. It should serve as a good introduction to Zambia, comprehensive enough to meet the needs and satisfy the curiosity of some members of the general public such as tourists who want to learn quite a few things about this African country."

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