Delusion Addiction

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Trafford Publishing, 2007 - Počet stran: 118
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We must convert people who are now, in fact, Christian delusion pushers, addicts, and enablers away from their delusion addiction, which is now enabling tyranny to develop in the United States, once the greatest country on earth. The tyranny of the Christian delusion addiction is taking over the United States. In the Middle East, once virtually powerless because of ignorance and poverty, the tyranny of the Muslim delusion addiction has been in control for centuries and now they are rich from their oil royalties. We made them rich. It is unrealistic and fruitless to believe we can eliminate the world demand for oil because it is based on irrefutable phenomena of nature best defined by the law of supply and demand plus the human demand for cheap energy. The now rich Muslims believe totally that murdering non-believers, such as Christians and atheists, is key to their eternal life in heaven. True fundamentalist Christians, who moderate and liberal Christians are protecting and enabling to take over America, believe totally that murdering non-believers, such as Muslims and atheists, is key to their eternal life in heaven. Add to these insane beliefs, nuclear weapons of mass destruction, and we have total disaster just waiting to happen. We must fight delusion addiction! It is the enemy! Separation of Church and State is on the verge of failure because of delusion addiction. So, we must eliminate delusion addiction or at least confront it and make it stand up against the test of scientific evidence.

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