Typography & Language in Everyday Life: Prescriptions and Practices

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Routledge, 3. 6. 2014 - 224 strán (strany)

Typography and Language in Everyday Life provides a detailed look at graphic as well as linguistic aspects of language and suggests there is much to be gained from collaboration between typographers and applied linguists.
The first part of the book provides an introduction to aspects of typographic theory and history and suggests some areas of applied linguistics that offer approaches to studying graphic language. The second part comprises case studies which look at the relationship between prescription and practice for visual organisation by considering everyday display typography, house style and typing manuals, and letter-writing. Each of these subjects is looked at from historical and theoretical perspectives.
Aimed at those who may be unfamiliar with theoretical and historical perspectives on the graphic aspects of language, and with broad concepts in applied linguistics, the book also directs readers to areas of further reading in each of these fields. Extensively illustrated with examples of past and present graphic language, Typography and Language in Everyday Life is essential reading for students of typography, graphic design, applied linguistics and education, as well as the general reader.


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      1 Introduction
      2 Describing typographic articulation
      3 Prescription authority formality and status
      4 Prescription and practice for nonexperts
      5 Prescription in house style and typing manuals
      6 Letterwriting
      7 Ways forward for typographers and applied linguists
      List of style manuals included in Figure 54
      Typing manuals and articles about typing used for surveys in Chapters 5 and 6
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      Sue Walker is head of the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication at the University of Reading, and has published widely in this area, most notably on typography for children.

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