On Mr. Spencer's Formula of Evolution as an Exhaustive Statement of the Changes of the Universe

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Trübner & Company, 1879 - Počet stran: 267

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Strana 108 - The formula finally stands thus :—Evolution is an integration of matter and concomitant dissipation of motion, during which the matter passes from an indefinite, incoherent homogeneity to a definite, coherent heterogeneity; and during which the retained motion undergoes a parallel transformation.
Strana 95 - How this metamorphosis takes place — how a force existing as motion, heat, or light, can become a mode of consciousness — how it is possible for aerial vibrations to generate the sensation we call sound, or for the forces liberated by chemical changes in tho brain to give rise to emotion — these are mysteries which it is impossible to fathom.
Strana 234 - The universe, then, consists entirely of mind-stuff. Some of this is woven into the complex form of human minds containing imperfect representations of the mind-stuff outside them, and of themselves also, as a mirror reflects its own image in another mirror, ad infinitum. Such an imperfect representation is called a material universe. It is a picture in a man's mind of the real universe of mind-stuff. The two chief points of this doctrine may be thus summed up :— Matter is a mental picture in which...
Strana 115 - In other words, the phenomena of Evolution have to be deduced from the Persistence of Force. As before said — "to this an ultimate analysis brings us down; and on this a rational synthesis must build up.
Strana 193 - We can think of Matter only in terms of Mind. We can think of Mind only in terms of Matter. When we have pushed our explorations of the first to the uttermost limit, we are referred to the second for a final answer ; and when we have got the final answer of the second we are referred back to the first for an interpretation of it.
Strana 203 - ... since their likeness in kind would imply in the object a sensation of muscular tension, which cannot be ascribed to it, we are compelled to admit that force as it exists out of our consciousness, is not force as we know it. Hence the force of which we assert persistence is that Absolute Force of which we are indefinitely conscious as the necessary correlate of the force we know.
Strana 161 - Besides that definite consciousness of which logic formulates the laws, there is also an indefinite consciousness which cannot be formulated ; besides complete thoughts, and thoughts which, though incomplete, admit of completion, there are thoughts which it is impossible to complete, and yet which are still real in the sense that they are normal affections of the intellect.
Strana 183 - Eeligions diametrically opposed in their overt dogmas, are yet perfectly at one in the tacit conviction that the existence of the world with all it contains and all which surrounds it, is a mystery ever pressing for interpretation. On this point, if on no other, there is entire unanimity.
Strana 110 - Force, behaves by itself, or under some imagined simple conditions ; nor is it even how one factor behaves under the complicated conditions of actual existence. The thing to be expressed is the joint product of the factors under all its various aspects. Only when we can formulate the total process, have we gained that knowledge of it which Philosophy aspires to.
Strana 226 - That may or may not be the case, but even if we knew it to be the case, the knowledge would not lighten our darkness. On both sides of the zone here assigned to the materialist he is equally helpless. If you ask him whence is this "Matter...

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