Church Discipline: An Ethical Study of the Church of Rome

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Duckworth & Company, 1903 - Počet stran: 269

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Strana 108 - It was not until after the middle of the eighteenth century that veterinary schools were established and systematic instruction in animal pathology was commenced.
Strana 57 - ... objection, therefore, cannot consistently be used, by the believers in an omnipotent God, against the existence of evil. " The second alternative is one which can only be supported by metaphysical arguments of a somewhat abstruse and elaborate nature. To expound and examine these arguments in detail would take us too far from our subject. I will only say briefly that the theory of the unreality of evil now seems to me untenable. Supposing that it could be proved that all that we think evil was...
Strana 35 - ... intermingle. His narrow conception of a priest induces him to impute to the early sorcerer traits that necessarily denote the priestly group, however we may determine the relation between priests and sorcerers. Thus, enumerating the attributes of the sorcerer, he designates him as " an exceptional individual who maintains a personal and intimate intercourse with the spirits, who is possessed by them, who is their voluntary or involuntary medium, now ruled over by them, now ruling them himself...
Strana 123 - Christian festivals coincide with the times of the old heathen nature-festivals, and many a popular custom at Christmas, Easter, and Whitsuntide owes its origin to them."1 The feasts of St.

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