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To the Right Honourable JOHN Lord SOMMERS, BARON of Evesham.

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07 Quou SHOULD not act the Part of an impartial Spec

tator, if I Dedicated the following Papers to one who is not of the most consummate and most acknowledged Merit. Vol. I. A



None but a Person of a finished

a Character, can be the proper Patron of a Work, which endeavours to Cultivate and Polish Humane Life, by promoting Virtue and Knowledge, and by recommending whatsoever may be either Useful or Ornamental to Society.

I know that the Homage I now pay You, is offering a kind of Violence to one who is as solicitous to Thun Applause, as he is assiduous to deserve it. But, my Lord, this is perhaps the only Particular in which your Prudence will be always disappointed.

While Justice, Candor, Equanimity, a Zeal for the Good of your Country, and the most per


fuafive Eloquence in bringing over others to it, are valuable Distinctions, You are not to expect that the Public will so far comply with your Inclinations, as to forbear celebrating such extraordinary Qualities. It is in vain that you have endeavoured to conceal your Share of Merit, in the


National Services which you have effected. Do what you will, the present Age will be talking of your Virtues, tho' Pofterity alone will do them Justice.

Other Men pass through Oppofitions and contending Interests in the Ways of Ambition; but Your Great Abilities have been invited to Power, and importuned to accept of Advancement. Nor is it


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