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such debts as are by law excepted from the operation of a discharge in bankruptcy.

Witness the Honorable seal thereof, this

[Seal of the court.]

judge of said district court, and the day of, A. D. 189–


[FORM No. 60.]

PETITION FOR MEETING TO CONSIDER COMPOSITION. District Court of the United States for the

District of

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Bankrupt. In Bankruptcy.


To the Honorable —, Judge of the District Court of the United
States for the District of
The above-named bankrupt respectfully represents that a composition
of- per cent. upon all unsecured debts, not entitled to a priority
in satisfaction of - debts has been proposed by to cred-
itors, as provided by the acts of Congress relating to bankruptcy, and
verily believe that the said composition will be accepted by a majority
in number and in value of - creditors whose claims are allowed.
Wherefore, he prays that a meeting of creditors may be duly
called to act upon said proposal for a composition, according to the pro-
visions of said acts and the rules of court.

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[FORM No. 61.]


In the District Court of the United States for the

In the matter of


To the Honorable



States for the in said district, on the day of - A. D. 189, now comes the above-named bankrupt, and respectfully represents to the court that, after he had been examined in open court [or at a meeting of his creditors] and had filed in court a schedule of his property and a list of his creditors, as required by law, he offered terms of composition to his creditors, which terms have been accepted in writing by a majority in number of all creditors whose claims have been allowed, which number represents a majority in amount of such claims; that the con

teration to be paid by the bankrupt to his creditors, the money necessary to pay all debts which have priority, and the costs of the proceedings, amounting in all to the sum of dollars, has been deposited, subject to the order of the judge, in the National Bank of —, a designated depository of money in bankruptcy cases.

Wherefore the said respectfully asks that the said composition may be confirmed by the court.


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In Bankruptcy.


Judge of the District Court of the United
District of -

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District of

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[FORM No. 62.]


In the District Court of the United States for the

In the matter of In Bankruptcy.

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An application for the confirmation of the composition offered by the bankrupt having been filed in court, and it appearing that the composition has been accepted by a majority in number of creditors whose claims have been allowed and of such allowed claims; and the consideration and the money required by law to be deposited, having been de posited as ordered, in such place as was designated by the judge of said court, and subject to his order; and it also appearing that it is for the best interests of the creditors; and that the bankrupt has not been guilty of any of the acts or failed to perform any of the duties which would be a bar to his discharge, and that the offer and its acceptance are in good faith and have not been made or procured by any means, promises, or acts contrary to the acts of Congress relating to bankruptcy: It is therefore hereby ordered that the said composition be, and it hereby is, confirmed.

Witness the Honorable thereof, this day of

[Seal of

the court.]

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[FORM No. 63.]



In the District Court of the United States for the

District of

-, judge of said court, and the seal Ꭺ. D. 189.

In Bankruptcy.

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In the matter of
Bankrupt. S

The composition offered by the above-named bankrupt in this case having been duly confirmed by the judge of said court, it is hereby ordered and decreed that the distribution of the deposit shall be made by the clerk of the court as follows, to wit: 1st, to pay the several claims which have priority; 2d, to pay the costs of proceedings; 3d, to pay, according to the terms of the composition, the several claims of general creditors which have been allowed, and appear upon a list of allowed claims, on the files in this case, which list is made a part of this order. Witness the Honorable judge of said court, and the seal thereof, this day of - Ꭺ. D. 18 -.

[Seal of the court.]

District of

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