Statistical Survey of the County of Armagh, with Observations on the Means of Improvement: Drawn Up in the Years 1802, and 1803, for the Consideration, and Under the Direction of the Dublin Society

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Graisberry and Campbell, 1804 - Počet stran: 428

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Strana 365 - Coleman by /LS / signed sealed published and declared by the said George Coleman the testator as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses thereto Isaac Hindley, HO Roe, William Stocken, of Baldock Herts proved Jany.
Strana 362 - I, Sarah Feeney O'Bannon of 126 Kearney St., in the County of Lackawanna and State of Pennsylvania, being of sound mind, memory, and understanding do make and publish this, my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking and making void all former Wills by me at any time heretofore made.
Strana x - ... how far capable of further improvement, Markets or Fairs for them, . • • * General prices, Modes of feeding — how far...
Strana xi - State of education, fchools, and charitable institutions, — — of abfentee and refident proprietors, — — of circulation of money or paper, of farming or agricultural focieties, — of manufactures, whether increafing, of encouragement to them, and the peculiar aptnefs of the...
Strana 96 - Ireland, covers a great area, in the heart of the province, and is bounded by five counties, viz. Armagh on the south, Tyrone on the west, Londonderry on the north-west, Antrim on the north and east, and Down, which barely touches it on the southeastern angle.
Strana ix - Markets for grain, Ufe of green food in winter. PASTURE. Nature of it. Breed of cattle — how far improved, • how far capable of further improvement, Markets or Fairs for them...
Strana ii - Report of the gentleman, whose name is affixed, and they publish it for the comments and observations of all persons, which they entreat to be given freely, and without reserve. It is therefore requested, that the observations on reading this...
Strana ii - This REPORT is at present printed and circulated for the purpose merely of procuring further information, respecting the state and husbandry of this district, and of enabling every one interested in the welfare of this country, to examine it fully, and contribute his mite to its improvement. The Society do not deem themselves pledged to any opinion given by the Author...
Strana 30 - Or the church of the Miracles, was founded without the town by the same Saint, for St. Lupita, his eldest sister, who was buried here ; and, in the beginning of the last century, her body was found buried deeply under the rubbish of her ancient nunnery, in a standing posture ; two crosses were also discovered closely guarding the body before and behind. . • January 9, 1618, King James granted the monasteries of Temple Fartagh, and Temple Breed, to Francis Annesty, Esq.
Strana 359 - The mansion is one of the most ancient in the county, and still retains much of its original character. It stands on a rising ground, near an extensive sheet of water, and is built in the quadrangular shape, having a large entrance gateway, over which are the family arms quartering those of Fitz-VVise, Morcton, Belston, Bozom, St.

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