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FRONTISPIECE–Proposed Plan for the New Chicago....... 1041 How the “Other Half" Lives, New York...

1059 Municipal Bath House, Boston, Mass........ .... 1077 The Municipal Auditorium, Denver, Colorado....

1091 Field House, Davis Square, Chicago..

1109 New Police Headquarters, New York......

1127 Proposed Civic Center, Denver, Colorado.

1145 The New Civic Center, St. Louis.....

1167 Another View of the Great Chicago Plan.... .... 1177 Sectional View, Grand Central Terminal, New York...... 1185 Municipal Docks at South Ferry, New York..

1195 New York State Capitol, Albany, New York..

1221 State Capitol of Minnesota, St. Paul.....

1255 Memorial Building, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor,



The State Educational Building, Albany, N. Y......... 1295 New York State Reformatory, Elmira, N. Y............ 1309 BIBLIOGRAPHY

For those who wish to read more extensively the following works are especially recommended: Author

Title of Work William H. Allen.

....Civics and Health M. N. Baker.

Municipal Engineering and Sanitation Simeon E. Baldwin.

The American Judiciary Charles Baskerville.

Municipal Chemistry Charles A. Beard.

American Government and Politics Charles A. Beard. Readings in American Government and Politics Charles A. Beard.

. American City Government Ernest S. Bradford. Commission Government in American Cities Henry Bruère...

The New City Government James Bryce.

The American Commonwealth Thomas M. Cooley.

. Principles of Constitutional Law Horace E. Deming.

The Government of American Cities John F. Dillon.. Commentaries on the Law of Municipal Corporations Walter F. Dodd.

.The Revision and Amendment of State Constitutions Charles B. Elliott.

The Law of Municipal Corporations John A. Fairlie.

... Municipal Administration John A. Fairlie.

Essays on Municipal Administration John Fisk.

.Civil Government in the l'nited States James W. Garner.

Government in the United States Frank J. Goodnow.

Municipal Government Frank J. Goodnow

Municipal Home Rule Frank J. Goodnow.

Municipal Problems Frank J. Goodnow

... Principles of Administrative Law in the United States Albert Bushnell Hart.

Actual Government Frederick C. Howe.

The City the Hope of Democracy Frederick C. Howe.

The British City Frederick C. Howe.

... European Cities at Work Ford H. MacGregor.

City Government by Commission Frank L. McVey..

The Making of a Town William B. Munro.

. The Government of European Cities William B. Munro.

The Government of American Cities Paul S. Reinsch.

Readings on American State Government Paul S. Reinsch. American Legislators and Legislative Methods Leo S. Rowe.

Problems of City Government Charles Mulford Robinson. The Improvement of Towns and Cities Arthur G. Sedgwick.

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The State Woodrow Wilson.

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Municipal Public Works Charles Zueblin.

American Municipal Problems Charles Zueblin.

A Decade of Civic Improvement

Local Government


Municipal Government



WE NOW come to the last and most important

branch of local government in the Criteri States, City Government. The systems of government described in the preceding volume were designed for rural and sparsely settled communities; Part III of the present volume deals with the infinitely more complicated and complex system which has been devised to meet the needs of urban communities.

(1) Importance of City Government. A feature of the recent New York budget exhibit was the likeness of Father Knickerbocker, life size, gazing in wonderment upon some statistics relative to the city of which he is the personification. New York, the second largest city in the world, population 5,000,000. A city with more Jews than there ever were in Palestine; more Germans than in any city of Germany except Hamburg and Berlin; more Bohemians than

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