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This provision of the XIV Amendment is not all-compre-

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Doctrine of ex parte Virginia

4. The regulation of inter-commonwealth commerce, and commerce
with the Indian tribes is exclusively national

II. Immunities in regard to Private Property.

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1. The inhibition against levying import tonnage or port dues, and
against taxing the necessary instrumentalities of the general gov
ernment, franchises conferred by the general government, and
receipts of inter-commonwealth traffic; the regulation of the
exercise of eminent domain

2. Against making anything but gold and silver a legal tender

3. Against restricting foreign and inter-commonwealth commerce

4. Against impairing the obligation of contracts

The prohibition directed against commonwealth constitution and


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This provision enables a commonwealth to limit its power to alter
its judicial procedure.

But not to limit its police power

It may limit the exercise of its taxing power

But not of its power of eminent domain

The doctrine that there is no United States Common Law

The XI Amendment interposes a technical difficulty to the enforce-
ment of the XIV Amendment

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Wise interpretation of the XI Amendment
Doctrine of Poindexter v. Greenhow The Virginia Coupon

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