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THE long-continued popularity of MCGUFFEY'S READERS is suf-
ficient evidence of the positive merits of the books. The aim of
this revision has been to preserve unimpaired the distinctive feat-
ures of the series, and at the same time to present the matter in
a new dress, with new type, new illustrations, and with a consider-
able amount of new matter.

Spelling exercises are continued through the first half of the
THIRD READER. These exercises, with those furnished in the two
lower books, are exhaustive of the words employed in the read-
ing lessons. Words are not repeated in the vocabularies.

In the latter half of the book, definitions are introduced. It is
hoped that the teacher will extend this defining exercise to all the
words of the lesson liable to be misunderstood. The child should
define the word in his own language sufficiently to show that he has
a mastery of the word in its use.

Drills in articulation and emphasis should be given with every
lesson. The essentials of good reading are not to be taught by one
or two lessons. Constant drill on good exercises, with frequent
exhibitions of the correct method from the teacher, will be found
more effectual than any form prescribed in type.

If the pupils are not familiar with the diacritical marks, they
should be carefully taught; such instruction constitutes an excel-
lent drill on articulation, and enables the pupils to use the dic-
tionary with intelligence.

Copyright, 1879, by VAN ANTWERP, BRAGG & Co.
Copyright, 1896, by AMERICAN BOOK COMPANY.

Copyright, 1907 and 1920, by H. H. VAIL.



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A distinct articulation can only be gained by constant and careful practice of the elementary sounds.

Whenever a word is imperfectly enunciated, the teacher should call attention to the sounds composing the spoken word.

If the pupil fails to sound any element correctly, as in the case of lisping, the fault can be overcome by calling attention to the correct position of the organs of speech, and insisting upon exact execution. Except in case of malformation of these organs, every pupil should sound each element correctly before such drill should cease.

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