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East of the Moorawarrie is a large tribe speaking the Uollaroi dialect; they have the same sectional divisions as the former, and with some variations their totems closely agree. In both tribes descent is reckoned through the mother. In gathering the particulars respecting the Moorawarrie tribe, now for the first time published, I desire to thank Mr. J. E. Miller, of Goodooga, for his willing assistance.

Stated Meeting, May 6, 1898.

[May 6,

Vice-President PEPPER in the Chair.

Present, 12 members.

Dr. Edward Pepper was presented to the Chair, and took his seat as a member.

A communication entitled "Contributions to a Revision of the North American Beavers, Otters and Fishes," by Samuel N. Rhoads, was presented for publication in the Transactions. It was referred to a Committee consisting of Mr. Arthur E. Brown, Mr. Pilsbry and Dr. Jayne.

Mr. Edmunds made a statement on behalf of the Committee on the Amendments of the Laws, and moved that when the Society adjourn, it adjourn till 3 P.M. on Friday, May 13. Carried.



Adjourned Meeting, May 13, 1898.

Vice-President PEPPER in the Chair.


Present, 27 members.

The consideration of the amendments to the Laws being in order, Mr. George F. Edmunds, on behalf of the Committee proposing the amendments, made a statement concerning the amendments proposed, and on motion the Laws and Ordinances were adopted in conformity with the Charter as





SECTION 1. The election of members shall be by ballot, and shall form part of the stated business of the meetings on the third Fridays of February, May, October and December.

2. A member may, at any meeting, nominate in writing a candidate for membership, and the nomination so made may, in like manner, be concurred in by other members. The board of officers and council may also nominate candidates for membership; and such nominations shall be certified to the Society by a minute thereof in writing, attested by the clerk of said board.

3. No person shall be balloted for, unless his nomination, with the names of the members proposing him, or the minute of the board of officers and council, made as aforesaid, shall have been publicly read to the Society at the two stated meetings preceding that at which the balloting takes place. Nor shall any person be deemed duly chosen unless three-fourths of the votes given shall be in his favor.

4. Before entering upon an election for members,. one of the secretaries shall read the names of the several candidates; and any member may then, for the information of the Society, speak to their character and qualifications for membership.

5. The names of the candidates and their places of abode shall be designated on the ballots, and the names of the officers shall be

called, in the order of their seniority, by the acting secretary, the members thereafter depositing their ballots. The name of a candidate struck from a ballot or not voted for shall be considered as a vote adverse to that candidate.

6. At the conclusion of the balloting the ballot box shall be opened by the secretaries, or, in their absence, by two tellers to be appointed by the presiding member, who shall then declare to the Society the result of the poll.

7. The members are mutually pledged not to mention out of the Society the name of any candidate proposed, nor of any withdrawn or unsuccessful candidate; and the papers containing the names of the unsuccessful candidates shall be destroyed immediately after the election.

8. Every member, upon his introduction into the Society, shall be presented to the presiding officer, and shall subscribe the laws. The signatures of members to the Roll shall be deemed an agreement to adhere to the laws of the Society.

9. Such members as reside within thirty miles of the hall of the Society, shall pay an admission fee of ten dollars, and annually thereafter, on the first Friday of January, a contribution of five dollars; and such other members as desire to vote, may do so at any meeting, upon the payment of ten dollars and one year's dues; and they shall, thereafter, pay the annual contribution of five dollars. The payment of one hundred dollars at one time, by a member not in arrears, shall exempt him from all future annual pay


10. Members-elect, residing within thirty miles of the hall, shall lose the right of membership unless they subscribe the roll, and pay their admission fee within one year after their election. Any member liable to an annual contribution, who shall neglect or refuse to pay the same for the term of one year shall be notified by the treasurer in writing, on or before the second Friday in January after such default, or as soon thereafter as may be, that his rights as a member are suspended; and in case the said arrears together with all contributions then due shall not be paid to the treasurer on or before the expiration of sixty days next after such notice, the membership of such defaulting member shall be forfeited, his name stricken from the roll, and reported to the Society by the treasurer.



SECTION 1. The officers shall be a patron, a president, three vice-presidents, four secretaries, three curators, a treasurer, and twelve councillors.

2. The governor of the State of Pennsylvania shall be, ex-officio, the patron of the Society.

3. On the first Friday of January in every year, between the hours of two and five in the afternoon, as many of the members as shall have paid up their arrears due to the Society, and shall have declared their willingness to conform to the laws, regulations, and ordinances of the Society, then duly in force, by subscribing the roll, and who shall attend in the hall, or place of meeting of the society, within the time aforesaid, shall choose by ballot one president, three vicepresidents, four secretaries, three curators, and one treasurer; and at the same time and place the members, met and qualified as aforesaid, shall in like manner choose four members for the council, to hold their offices for three years. Nominations for the elective officers of the Society shall be made at the stated meeting next previous to the day of election. If there should occur a failure of qualified candidates so nominated, others not so nominated may be elected. All officers shall hold office, unless lawfully suspended or removed, until their successors are duly elected and accept.

4. No person residing within the United States shall be capable of being president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, or member of the council, or of electing to any of the said offices, who is not capable of electing and being elected to civil offices within the State in which he resides.

5. Of the day, hour, and place of election, notice shall be given by a secretary at least one week before the day of election, in such one or more of the public newspapers of the State of Pennsylvania as the Society shall direct. At the stated meeting next before the election the Society shall appoint three of its members to be judges of the election, and also two clerks for taking down the names of the voters. If at the time of election there should occur a failure of the full number of judges or clerks to be present for the performance of their duties, the electors present shall appoint a member or members to fill up the number. The poll shall be opened at two o'clock in the afternoon and be closed at five o'clock in the afternoon.

6. A vacancy occurring in any elective office may be filled for the unexpired term by a vote by ballot taken at any stated meeting after notice of such vacancy shall be given and nominations made and entered in the minutes at a previous stated meeting. Notice that such election will be held shall be given in the notice of the meeting. At any such election the qualifications of voters shall be the same as at the annual elections. At such election three judges shall be appointed and the secretaries on duty shall act as clerks.



SECTION 1. The president and the vice-presidents shall perform such duties as the rules of administration and order shall prescribe. CHAPTER IV.


SECTION 1. The secretaries shall perform such duties as the rules of administration and order shall prescribe.



SECTION 1. The curators shall perform such duties as the rules of administration and order shall prescribe.



SECTION 1. The treasurer shall perform such duties relating to his office as the rules of administration and order shall prescribe.



SECTION 1. The officers and council shall perform such duties as the rules of administration and order shall prescribe.



SECTION 1. A member of the Society shall be chosen at the stated meeting on the third Friday of January in each year, to be the librarian of the Society. Nominations for said office shall be made at the first stated meeting in January, and no person shall be voted for who has not been so nominated, but if there shall have been a

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