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OCTOR FORDYCE's excellent Ser

mons for Young Women in some meafure gave

rise to the following compilation. In that work, where he fo judiciously points out all the defects of female conduct to remedy them, and all the proper studies which they should pursue, with a view to improvement, Poetry is one to which he particularly would attach them. He only objects to the danger of pursuing this charming study through all the immoralities and false pictures of hap



In that department, namely, the praise of
our Maker, by which Poetry began, and
from which it deviated by time, we are most
faultily deficient.

There are one or two,
however, particularly the Deity, by Mr.
Boyse; a Poem, when it first came out, that
lay for some time neglected, till introduced
to public notice by Mr. Hervey and Mr.
Fielding. In it the Reader will perceive
many striking pictures, and perhaps glow
with a part of that gratitude which seems to
have inspired the Writer.

In the Moral part I am more copious, from
the same reason, because our language con-
tains a large number of the kind. Voltaire,
talking of our Poets, gives them the pre-
ference in moral pieces to those of any

nation; and indeed no Poets have better
fettled the bounds of duty, or more pre-
cisely determined the rules for conduct in
life than ours. In this department the fair
Reader will find the Muse has been folicitous


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