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S I am conscious, that no

Composition of my own could be worthy to be laid at Your Royal Highness's Feet ; It is my Happiness, as an Editor, to have this opportunity of approaching You, by submitting to A 3


Your Protection the best Dramatic Poet that these Kingdoms could ever boast of. He enjoyed, whilst living, the Favour of the greatest Queen that has fate on the English Throne; and therefore, I hope, is intitled to Your Royal Highnesi's Smiles over his Urn.

Could I picture out his Character equal to its Merits, the World would soon discover a fort

of Parallel betwixt the Poet and

his Patronefs. His Excellencies

were as great, as they were various; his Beauties strong, and


all native; the Frame of his Mind as sweet and candid, as his Countenance was open and engaging; and his Sentiments as chafte, as his Conceptions were noble: He knew how to charm without Affectation; and had the wondrous Force of preserving all Hearts, that once felt the Influence of his Attractions.

After what I have said, MADAM, I am afraid the Duty of this Address should be misconstrued a Panegyrick on Your Royal Highness. But I have professed myself

A4 unequal

unequal to the Talk of drawing his Portraiture, and my

humble Sphere in Life sets me at too great a Distance to take even the Out-lines of Your Perfections. I would not therefore, where I cannot presume to do Justice, be thcught to descend to the unbecoming Art of Flattery. I must lanch out, indeed, a great way, to make myself liable to that Iinputation, with regard to Your Royal Highness; but Dedications are generally suspected of Overftraining.


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