The Americans in Panama

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Statler, 1912 - Počet stran: 258

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Strana 221 - If the Republic of Panama shall hereafter enter as a constituent into any other Government or into any union or confederation of states, so as to merge her sovereignty or independence in such Government, union or confederation, the rights of the United States under this convention shall not be in any respect lessened or impaired.
Strana 41 - I am positive that the determined attitude of our men, their coolness and evident intention of standing their ground, had a most salutary and decisive effect on the immediate situation, and was the initial step in the ultimate abandoning of Colon by these troops and their return to Cartagena the following day.
Strana 196 - I shall see if it is not possible to provide for some little memorial, some mark, some badge, which' will always distinguish the man who for a certain space of time has done his work well on this isthmus, just as the button of the Grand Army distinguishes the man who did his work well in the Civil War.
Strana 46 - I pass by the question as to what assurance we have that they would now keep their pledge and not again refuse to ratify the treaty if they had the power; for, of course, I will not for one moment discuss the possibility of the United States committing an act of such baseness as to abandon the new Republic of Panama.
Strana 42 - The Republic of Panama grants to the United States in perpetuity the use, occupation and control of a...
Strana 85 - A collision has its good points as well as its bad ones — it indicates there is something moving on the railroad.
Strana 78 - Theodore P. Shonts, Chairman, Charles E. Magoon, Governor of the Canal Zone, John F. Wallace, Chief Engineer, Mordecai T. Endicott, Peter C. Hains, Oswald H. Ernst, Benjamin M. Harrod.
Strana 229 - What shall it profit a Nation if it gain the whole world and lose its own Soul ? What shall a Nation give in exchange for its Soul ? " Better hardship and freedom, than luxury and thraldom.
Strana 90 - And as the gift of prophecy is withheld from us in these latter days, all we can do now is to make such arrangements as may look proper as far ahead as we can see.
Strana 117 - The whole question was gone over again early in 1909 by a board of engineers appointed by the President for the purpose of determining whether or not a change in plans should be made. The board consisted of Frederick P. Stearns, Arthur P. Davis, Henry A. Allen, James D. Schuyler, Isham Randolph. John R. Freeman, and Allen Hazen. Notwithstanding the stress that was laid upon the assertion that...

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