Introducing Mental Health Nursing: A consumer oriented approach

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Allen & Unwin Australia, 1. 6. 2008 - Počet stran: 416
Introducing Mental Health Nursing offers a systematic overview of both the science and the art of caring for people experiencing mental health problems. It addresses the attitudes, knowledge and skills required to provide care for consumers across all health care settings, from specialist mental health services to general hospitals and community care.

The authors place the consumer at the centre of all aspects of mental health care and emphasise the importance of the therapeutic relationship as the cornerstone of mental health nursing practice. They also encourage nurses to think critically about the perspectives that they bring to their practice.

They outline key skills in assessment, working collaboratively with clients and creating a safe therapeutic environment. They also cover essential clinical knowledge needed to work effectively with people with mental illness. Emphasis is placed on the role of the nurse as an intrinsic member of the mental health team.

'This book is an excellent addition to the literature in this important but long-neglected area. Its value is substantially enhanced by actively incorporating an informed consumer perspective essential for all practitioners.'

Professor Brian Burdekin AO

'I recommend this text to all students of nursing, whether you intend to pursue a career in this speciality or if you simply desire to provide the best care possible in any field of practice.'

Associate Professor Stephen Elsom RN PhD, Director, Centre for Psychiatric Nursing, The University of Melbourne

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O autorovi (2008)

Brenda Happell (PhD) is Professor of Contemporary Nursing at Central Queensland University and editor of the International Journal of Mental Health Nursing.

Leanne Cowin lectures in Nursing at the University of Western Sydney.

Cath Roper

is the Consumer Academic at the Centre for Psychiatric Nursing at the University of Melbourne.

Kim Foster lectures in Nursing at James Cook University.

Rose McMaster lectures in Nursing at the Mary McKillop campus of the Australian Catholic University.

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