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Pedliugton, Little, by Jobo Poole, Esq., re- i Sorrel, Sir Thomas and Lady, 17
viewed, 279

Spaniard, the, a Tragedy, by Simon Gray,
Peter Priggins, College Scout and Bed- Esq., reviewed, 140

maker, The Life and Times of, by, Nos. Speechmaking after Dinner, by Laman
V., VI., VII., VIII., 100, 238, 345, 509 Blanchard, Esq., 154
Pilau, Madame, wit and eccentricity of the St. Albans, Memoirs of Harriot, late Du-
celebrated, 526

chess of, by Mrs. C. Baron Wilson, re-
$., Cbarades by, 275, 446

viewed, 420
Physic and Physicians, a Medical Sketch- Stanzas, after the manner of Herrick, by
book, reviewed, 284

C. Baron-Wilson, 390
Physician, Extracts from the Note-book of Stir among the Letter. Writers, by p., 27

a:--No. 1., The Hypochondriac, 193— Stuart, Prince Charles Edward, his wander-
No. II., Insanity, 364

ings in the Highlands, 476
Planter's Birthday, the, by Theodore Hook,
Esq., 1

Town, Going out of, by p., 305
Poetry :- Isaac Moss; a Story for Some Trieste, the Bora hurricane at, 17

Christians, 15—Close of the Monsoon, Trollope, Mrs., The Widow Married, by
Madras; a Sonnet, by Major Calder Camp- Nos, V., VI., VII., VIII., 48, 201, 314,
bell, 36-A Morning Conversation in 484
Berkeley-sqare, by E. E. W., 75—A Fair

Michael Armstrong, the
Shot, by Louisa H. Sheridan, 93—The Factory Boy, by, noticed, 286
Attorney at Eglintouo, by G.D., 237 — Twelfthday Cake, 459
Charades, by 0., 275, 446—Stanzas alter
the manner of Herrick), by Mrs. C. Baron- Unknown, the, by the late Thomas Haynes
Wilson, 390— Wioter, by Eliza Cook, Bayiy, Esq., 261
430- Ruins of a Mahal, on the Hill of
Condapilly. East Iodies, by Major Calder Wade, John, British History by, reviewed,
Campbell, 501

Poole, John, Esq., Little Pedlington by, re. Walks and Wanderings, by the author of
viewed, 279

“Random Recollections,” &c., noticed,
Precious Family, a, by G. Raymond, Esq., 431

Widow Married, the, by Mrs. Trollope, Nos.
Pride, a cause of Mania, 369

V., VI. VII., VIII., 48, 201, 314, 484
Publications, Notes on New, 143, 286, 431 Wilhrabam, Capt. R., Travels in the Trans-

Caucasian Provinces of Russia, by, re-
Rhine, the, by John Snowe, Esq., reviewed, viewed, 133

Wilson, Mrs. C. Baron, Stanzas (after tbe
Romance of Private Life, the, by Miss manner of Herrick) by, 393-Memoirs of
Burney, reviewed, 276

Harriot, late Duchess of St. Alban's by
Russia, Travels in the Trans. Caucasian reviewed, 490

Provinces of, by Capt. R. Wilbrabam,
reviewed, 133

Yule Log, the, 460
Sheridan, Louisa H., a Fair Shot, by, 99 Zemia, Blunderers, by, 267–Christmas, by,
Snuffs and Snuff-takers, by T., 117




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