Message of the President of the United States on Economy and Efficiency in the Government Service, Svazek 1

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Strana 263 - Mechanical operations and maintenance and repair of public buildings. 1. Alabama 2. Alaska 3. Arizona 4. Arkansas 5. California 6. Colorado 7. Connecticut 8. Delaware 9. District of Columbia 10. Florida 11. Georgia 12. Hawaii 13. Idaho 14. Illinois 15. Indiana 16. Iowa 17. Kansas 18. Kentucky 19. Louisiana 20. Maine 21 . Maryland 22. Massachusetts 23. Michigan 24. Minnesota 25. Mississippi 26. Missouri 27.
Strana 1 - In the belief that it is desirable that any steps toward the establishment of such a plan shall be taken with caution, I instructed the commission to make an inquiry first into the conditions at Washington. This inquiry has been directed to the ascertainment of the extent to which superannuation now exists and to the consideration of the availability of the various plans which either have been proposed for adoption in this country or have actually been adopted in other countries. I shall submit,...
Strana 15 - Efficiency has the honor to submit the following report on the organization of the Government of the United States as it existed July 1; 1911.
Strana 9 - Government does with nearly $1,000,000,000 each year is of as much concern to the average citizen as is the manner of obtaining this amount of money for public use. In the present inquiry special attention has been given to the expenditure side of the budget. In prosecuting this inquiry, however, it has not been thought that arbitrary reductions should be made. The popular demand for economy has been to obtain the best service — the largest possible results for a given cost. We want economy and...