The Excursion: A Poem

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Edward Moxon, 1841 - Počet stran: 374
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Strana xiii - Beauty — a living Presence of the earth, Surpassing the most fair ideal Forms Which craft of delicate Spirits hath composed From earth's materials — waits upon my steps ; Pitches her tents before me as I move, An hourly neighbour.
Strana xiii - I arouse the sensual from their sleep Of death, and win the vacant and the vain To noble raptures; while my voice proclaims How exquisitely the individual mind (And the progressive powers perhaps no less Of the whole species) to the external world Is fitted; and how exquisitely too Theme this but little heard of among men The external world is fitted to the mind...
Strana 102 - Turned inward, to examine of what stuff Time's fetters are composed ; and life was put To inquisition long and profitless! By pain of heart now checked — and now impelled — The intellectual power, through words and things, Went sounding on, a dim and perilous way...
Strana 21 - She was a woman of a steady mind, Tender and deep in her excess of love, Not speaking much, pleased rather with the joy. Of her own thoughts : by some especial care Her temper had been framed, as if to make A being, who, by adding love to peace, Might live on earth a life of happiness.
Strana 236 - Him who is a righteous Judge, — Why do not these prevail for human life, To keep two hearts together, that began Their springtime with one love, and that have need Of mutual pity and forgiveness sweet To grant, or be received; while that poor bird — O, come and hear him ! Thou who hast to me Been faithless, hear him ; —though a lowly creature. One of God's simple children that yet know not The Universal Parent, how he sings! As if he wished the firmament of heaven Should listen, and give back...
Strana xiv - Brooding above the fierce confederate storm Of sorrow, barricadoed evermore Within the walls of cities — may these sounds Have their authentic comment; that even these Hearing, I be not downcast or forlorn ! — Descend, prophetic Spirit ! that inspir'st The human Soul of universal earth, Dreaming on things to come; and dost possess A metropolitan temple in the hearts Of mighty Poets ; upon me bestow 840 A gift of genuine insight...
Strana 126 - Knowing the heart of man is set to be The centre of this world, about the which Those revolutions of disturbances Still roll ; where all the aspects of misery Predominate ; whose strong effects are such As he must bear, being powerless to redress ; And that unless above himself he can Erect himself, how poor a thing is Man...
Strana 317 - tis not impossible to sit In awful sovereignty ; a place of power, A throne, that may be likened unto his, Who, in some placid day of summer, looks Down from a mountain-top, — say one of those High peaks, that bound the vale where now we are.
Strana 102 - Confusion infinite of heaven and earth, Dazzling the soul. Meanwhile, prophetic harps In every grove were ringing, ' War shall cease ; ' Did ye not hear that conquest is abjured ? ' Bring garlands, bring forth choicest flowers, to deck
Strana 242 - So, through the cloud of death, her Spirit passed Into that pure and unknown world of love Where injury cannot come : — and here is laid The mortal Body by her Infant's side.

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