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Unquestionable, averse to convers

ation. As YOU.

Unrespective, inconsiderate.

Unrest, disquiet.

Wappened, probably decayed or


Ward, defence, a phrase in the art of defence.

Unrough youths, beardless youths. Warder, a guard or sentinel.

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Whifier, an officer who walked Woolvish, giving an idea of a wolf

in processions.

Whiles, until. TWELFTH NIG.
Whipstock, the carter's whip.
Whirring, hurrying away.
Whist, being silent. TEMP.
Whiting time, bleaching time.
Whitsters, bleachers of linen.
Whittle, a pocket clasp knife.
Whooping, measure and reckon-
ing. AS YOU.

Wimpled, hooded, or veiled, from

wimple, a hood. Winchester goose, a strumpet. The stews were formerly licenced by the bishop of Winchester. Winking-gates, gates hastily closed from fear of danger. Winnowed, sifted, examined. Wis, to know.

in sheep's clothing. COR. Woolward, clothed in wool, or

rather naked. Lov. LAB. Worts, the ancient name of all kinds of cabbage. Wot, to know.

Wreck, resentment.

Wrest, an instrument for drawing up the strings of a harp; a help. TROIL. & CRES. Wrested pomp, pomp obtained by violence. Writhled, wrinkled. Wrought, worked, agitated. Wrying, deviating.


Yare, handy, nimble. TEMP. Yarely, readily, nimbly. TEMP,

Wish, sometimes to recommend Yearn, to grieve or vex.

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