Annual Report of the Illinois State Board of Health, Svazek 11

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Strana lxxxvii - Any person shall be regarded as practicing medicine, within the meaning of this act, who shall profess publicly to be a physician and to prescribe for the sick, or who shall append to his name the letters
Strana lxxxii - ... and any person filing, or attempting to file, as his own, the diploma or certificate of another, or a forged affidavit of identification, shall be guilty of a felony, and upon conviction shall...
Strana xci - Examinations may be made in whole, or in part in writing, and shall be of an elementary and practical character, but sufficiently strict to test the qualifications of the candidate as a practitioner.
Strana lxxxii - But it shall be sufficient in behalf of the people of the State of Illinois...
Strana lxxxiv - Instruction. — The college must show that it has a sufficient and competent corps of instructors, and the necessary facilities for teaching, dissections, clinics, etc.
Strana lxxxi - Any itinerant vender of any drug, nostrum, ointment, or appliance of any kind, intended for the treatment of disease or injury, or who shall, by writing or printing, or any other method, publicly profess to cure or treat diseases, injury, or deformity by any drug, nostrum, manipulation or other expedient, shall pay a license of one hundred dollars a month, to be collected in the usual way.
Strana lxxxv - ... may direct; said examination may be made in whole or in part in writing, and shall be of a practical and elementary character but sufficiently strict to test the qualifications of the applicant.
Strana lxxx - All examinations of persons not graduates or licentiates shall be made directly by the BOARD, and the certificates given by the BOARD shall authorize the possessor to practice medicine and surgery in the State of Illinois.
Strana lxxxii - Upon conviction of either of the offenses mentioned in this act, the court shall, as a part of the judgment, order that the defendant be committed to the common jail of the county until the fine and costs are paid, and upon failure to pay the same immediately, the defendant shall be committed under said order.
Strana lxxx - Any person removing to another county to practice, shall record the certificate in like manner in the county to which he removes, and the holder of the certificate shall pay to the county clerk the usual fee for making the record.

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