Lays and Legends: Or, Ballads of the New World

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Saunders and Otley, 1851 - Počet stran: 166

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Strana 9 - And portance in my travel's history; Wherein of antres vast and deserts idle, Rough quarries, rocks, and hills whose heads touch heaven, It was my hint to speak, — such was the process: And of the Cannibals that each other eat, The Anthropophagi, and men whose heads Do grow beneath their shoulders.
Strana 163 - Water with berries in't ; and teach me how To name the bigger light, and how the less, That burn by day and night : and then I lov'd thee, And show'd thee all the qualities o...
Strana 2 - Then felt I like some watcher of the skies When a new planet swims into his ken ; Or like stout Cortez, when with eagle eyes He stared at the Pacific—and all his men Looked at each other with a wild surmise— Silent, upon a peak in Darien.
Strana 152 - Heralds the coming of the morn. Then with joy thou spreadest out All thy little flowers about, Where in holt or upon wold Smiles thy little eye of gold. When with clouds the heavens frown. Then thy little head bends down. Little weather-prophet...
Strana 165 - ... certain, that, after they had driven us from Mexico, and slain above 850 of our soldiers and of the men of Narvaez, these beasts and snakes, who had been offered to their cruel idol to be in his company, were supported upon their flesh for many days. When these lions and tygers roared, and the jackals and foxes howled, and the snakes hissed, it was a grim thing to hear them, and it seemed like hell.
Strana 153 - And when sinks the king of light. Thy violet eyes with tears beam bright ; Till the stars, with softer beam, Like the sun's fair ehildren seem.
Strana 163 - Thou strokst me and made much of me; wouldst give me Water with berries in't; and teach me how To name the bigger light, and how the less, That burn by day and night. And then I loved thee And showed thee all the qualities of the isle, The fresh springs, brine pits, barren place and fertile. Cursed be I that did so!
Strana 165 - ... and they are the worst of all vipers; these were kept in cradles, and barrels, and earthen vessels upon feathers, and there they laid their eggs, and nursed up their snakelings, and they were fed with the bodies of the sacrificed and with dogs flesh.
Strana 153 - Though with fury raging free They may shake the giant tree, Whatsoever be their power. They will spare the little flower. E'en the bud that gems the sod, Overshadow'd is by God.

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