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Abbreviations: Ann. Sc. Pol., Annales des sciences politiques, Paris; Arch. dipl., Archives diplomatiques, Paris; B., boletín, bulletin, bollettino; B. A. R., Monthly bulletin of the International Bureau of American Republics, Washington; Doc. dipl., France: Documents diplomatiques; Dr., droit, diritto, derecho; For, rel., Foreign Relations of the United States; Ga., gazette, gaceta, gazzetta; Cd., Great Britain: Parliamentary Papers; Int., international, internacional, internazionale; J., journal; J. O., Journal Officiel, Paris; Mém. dipl., Mémorial diplomatique, Paris; Monit., Moniteur belge, Brussels; N. R. G., Nouveau recueil général de traités, Leipzig; Q. dipl., Questions diplomatiques et coloniales; R., review, revista, revue, rivista; Reichs-G., Reichs-Gesetzblatt, Berlin; Staatsb., Staatsblad, Gröningen; State Papers, British and Foreign State Papers, London; Stat. at L., United States Statutes at Large; Times, the Times (London); Treaty ser., Great Britain: Treaty Series.

April, 1907. 11 SERVIA-SWEDEN. Declaration signed at Belgrade. Mutual most

favored-nation treatment in commerce, industry, and customs. Does not apply to special favors accorded by Sweden to Norway, or to concessions accorded by either to adjacent states to facilitate frontier trade or to concessions resulting from the conclusion of a customs union. Terminable by denouncement. Servian law, December 28, 1907, 0. S. Srpske novine (Belgrade) December

29, 0. S. 16 BOLIVIA-CHILE. Protocol signed at Santiago. Designates per

manent court of The Hague to arbitrate under Art. XII of treaty of peace signed at Santiago October 20, 1904 (For. rel., 1905), instead of the German Emperor, who declined. Memoria....

rel. ext., 1907, La Paz. 24 BELGIUM-SERVIA. Treaty of commerce signed at Belgrade. Srpske

novine (Belgrade) December 29, 0. S. Replaces the provisional commercial arrangement signed July 10, 1895. The mostfavored-nation clause does not apply to concessions accorded a third state by virtue of a customs union, nor to collection of additional duties on goods receiving bounties for export or production.

May, 1907. 1 BOLIVIA-CHILE. Protocol signed respecting exchange of territory

in regions of Chacmuco and Collaguasi. Mem....rel. ext., La Paz, 1907. Brought about by objections of inhabitants of former

region to transfer to Chile under treaty of October 20, 1904. 6 BOLIVIA—CHILE. Chilean promulgation of protocol signed at

Santiago, November 15, 1904, supplementary to treaty signed at Santiago, October 20, 1904. For. rel., 1905; B. A. R., September, 1907. Bolivia recognizes absolute sovereignty of Chile over territories lying between the twenty-third and twenty-fourth

parallels south latitude. 11 UNITED STATES. Instrument of adherence deposited with the

government of Belgium to the convention signed at Brussels November 3, 1906, revising the duties imposed by the Brussels convention of June 8, 1899 (Stat. at L. 31:1915; Compilation of treaties in force, Washington, 1904), on spirituous liquors imported into certain regions of Africa. Adherence advised by the Senate, February 15, 1907; declaration of adherence by the President, February 19, 1907; proclaimed December 2, 1907. Signatory powers: Germany, Belgium, Spain, Kongo, France, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia and Sweden. Austria-Hungary, Denmark, Norway and Persia have adhered. Actes de la conférence pour la révision du régime des spiritueux

en Afrique, 1906, Brussels, 1906. See November 3, 1907. 18 ARGENTINE-BOLIVIA. Protocol signed respecting extension of

Central Northern R. R. of Argentina to Tupiza. Memorio.... rel. ext., La Paz, 1907. Grading on the line from Tupiza to Potosi can be begun when the Quiaca-Tupiza section is half completed. For text of treaty signed at Buenos Aires February 16, 1906, see Memoria.... rel. ext., 1906, La Paz, 1907, which was for the purpose of rendering effective the treaty signed at Buenos Aires June 30, 1894 (Tratados....la républica Argentina, Buenos Aires 1901, 1:394), and the complementary agreement

of September 29, 1903. 26 FRANCE-BULGARIA. Arrangement on the subject of interpretation

of the provisions of the treaty of commerce signed January 13, 1906, 9. v. Arch. dipl., 102:335.

June, 1907. 5 COLOMBIA-ECUADOR. Convention signed at Bogotá, supplemen

tary to the treaty signed at Bogotá, November 5, 1904 (For. rel., 1905). Creates an arbitration tribunal and a technical commission for the purpose of determining and delimiting the boundary between the two countries. B. A. R., October, 1907;

Diario oficial (Bogotá), July 6, 1907. 15 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. Decree ratifying treaty signed at Rio de

Janeiro August 23, 1906, for the creation of an international commission of jurists. Approved by Dominican Congress June 14,

1907. Ga. oficial, October 12. 15 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. Decree ratifying convention signed at

Mexico January 27, 1902, for protection of literary and artistic property. Approved by national congress April 24, 1907. Ga.

oficial, October 5. 25 GUATEMALA HONDURAS. Decree of Honduras extending boundary

convention of March, 1895, for one year from March 1, 1907.

La Gaceta, July 13, 1907. 25 FRANCE–Kongo—PORTUGAL. Agreement by exchange of notes

modifying article 2 of the protocol of April 8, 1892, increasing export duty on caoutchouc from four to six francs a kilogram. Arch. dipl., 104:1.

July, 1907. 15 NETHERLANDS. Laws approving three conventions signed at The

Hague July 15, 1905, relative to (1) civil procedure, (2) marriage, (3) lunatics. Lagemans: Recueil des traités et conventions conclus par le royaume des Pays-Bas, 16:9, 19, 24. These conventions were results of the fourth conference on private international law. The latter two were signed by Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Roumania, and Sweden; the first one by the same powers together with Spain, Luxemburg, and Russia. Staatsb., 1907, Nos. 197, 198, 199. On the 1904 conference see Actes de la quatrième conférence de la Haye pour ie droit international privé, The Hague, 1904; and Official report of the universal congress of lawyers and jurists. ...1904, St. Louis, 1905, in which are papers by Professors Jitta and Meili on A review of the four Hague conferences on private international law, the objects of the conferences, and their probable results,

July, 1907.

accompanied by discussion with bibliography, p. 375, by Judge Simeon E. Baldwin; also Baldwin: The Hague conference of 1904 for the advancement of private international law, Yale

law J., 14:1. 23 FRANCE-ROUMANIA. Ratifications exchanged at Paris of conven

tion of commerce and navigation signed at Paris, March 6, 1907.

J. O., July 14, August 1; J. du dr. int. privé, 34:1235. 29 ITALY-SAN MARINO. Ratifications exchanged at Rome of conven

tion signed at Rome June 14, 1907, additional to the convention of friendship and good neighborhood (State Papers, 90:960; Trattati e conv. fra il regno d'Italia ed i governi esteri, 15:326), signed at Florence June 28, 1897. The new provisions, more suited to the close economic relations of the states, are based on the Hague conventions on international law of November 14, 1896, July 17, 1905, and June 12, 1902. R. di dr. int. 2:392. The 1897 treaty thus modified with the additional convention signed February 16, 1906, 9. v., runs for ten years and until denounce

ment, from July 29, 1907. COLOMBIA-ECUADOR. Ratifications exchanged at Quito of treaty

signed at Quito June 18, 1903. Proclaimed in Ecuador July 31, 1907. Private international law. Text, B. del ministerio de rel. ext. (Quito), 1:281; also in B. del ministerio rel. ext. (Bogotá), 1:143.

August, 1907. 3 COLOMBIA-ECUADOR. Protocol signed at Quito. To constitute a

tribunal of two to fix amount of indemnity for Colombian citizen Campuzano under arbitral decision rendered October 2, 1897.

B. del ministerio de rel. ext. (Bogotá), 1:49. ♡ LUXEMBURG. Grand ducal order. Ratification of the postal con

ventions and arrangements concluded at Rome May 26, 1906. Mémorial du Grand-Duche de Luxemburg, 1907, No. 49 and

Annexe. 18 GUATEMALA-SALVADOR. Ratifications exchanged at San Salvador

of general Central American treaty signed at San José September

25, 1906. Diario oficial, August 29, 30, 31. 19 SEVENTH INTERNATIONAL ZOOLOGICAL CONGRESS, at Boston. Ad

journed August 23.

August, 1907. 23 COLOMBIA—ITALY. Protocol signed at Bogotá. Indemnification

$10,000 for injuries to Italians at Cartagena December 28, 1906.

B. del ministerio de rel. ext. (Bogotá), 1:43. 24 GREAT BRITAIN-NICARAGUA. Expiration of period for notification

of accessions of British colonies to treaty of commerce and friendship signed at Managua, July 28, 1905. The British colonies which have acceded to the treaty under article XX: British Honduras, Gambia, Hong Kong, Jamaica (with the Turks and Caicos Islands and the Cayman Islands), Leeward Islands, New Zealand, Northern Nigeria, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Southern Nigeria, Straits Settlements, Windward Islands.


STATISTICS opened at Copenhagen. Zimmermann-Braunschweig:
Die XI Tagung des internationalen statistischen instituts zu
Copenhagen, 1907, Zeitschrift für die gesamte staatswissenschaft,
63:772; for prior sessions, id. 58:98 and 60:531. Adjourned

August 31. Established in 1885 at London. 27 GREAT BRITAIN-SALVADOR. Postal money

money order convention signed at San Salvador; signed at London June 27, 1907. Decree of Salvador approving, September 5, takes effect same day.

Diario oficial, October 28, 1907; B. A. R., December. 29 ECUADOR—FRANCE. Ratifications exchanged at Quito of protocol

signed at Quito July 1, 1905, additional to convention signed May 9, 1898. Literary and artistic property. J. O., November 24, 1907. French decree promulgating November 20, 1907. Ratified by Ecuador, October 23, 1905. Registro oficial, February 21, 1906; Droit d'auteur, 20:149. The 1898 convention which entered into force November 6, 1898, did not contain a mostfavored-nation clause, as did the convention signed June 30, 1900, in force January 15, 1905. The present protocol “ with the aim of fixing the meaning ” of the 1898 convention grants authors the

most-favored-nation treatment. Dr. d'auteur, 18:42; 19:79. 29 FRANCE-GREAT BRITAIN. Exchange of notes. Arrangements

under article X, § 4, of convention signed at London October 20, 1906 (Treaty ser., 1907, No. 3) respecting the New Hebrides. Treaty ser., 1908, No. 3.

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