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November, 1907. 29 BELGIUM-KONGO. Treaty signed at Brussels for cession of the

Kongo Free State to Belgium. Text, Times, December 7. Deibel: Het Congovraagstuk, De Gibs, October, 1907; Lorrand: Le Congo et la Belgique, La Grand R., 46:43; Goffart: La mise en valeur de l'état du Congo, La R. générale, 86:40; Taylor: The Congo Free State, American Law R., 41:102; Spectator, January 4; Times, October 26, November 7. The December, 1907, number of the Official Organ of the Congo Reform Association contains a map showing concessions in the Kongo Free State; text, Q. dipl., 24:845; A new era for the Congo, Nation, 85:558; Lorrand: Belgian opinion on the Congo

question, Contemporary R., February, 1908. GERMANY—NETHERLANDS. Ratifications exchanged at Berlin of

treaty signed at Berlin, August 27, 1907. Accident insurance. Reichs-G., 1907, No. 50.




Continental Congress, Journals of the, 1774–89. Vol. 9. Library of congress. Cloth, $1.

Japanese and Korean laborers, regulations relating to transit of, through the continental territory of the United States, Oct. 31, 1907. 2 p. Bureau of immigration and naturalization.

Naturalization laws and regulations, Sept. 23, 1907. 26 p. Bureau of immigration and naturalization. Paper, 10c.

Newfoundland, modus vivendi between the United States and Great Britain in regard to inshore fisheries on the treaty coast of Newfoundland, agreement effected by exchange of notes at London, Sept. 4-6, 1907. 3 p. Dept. of state.

Wireless telegraph, international. Message from the President, transmitting an international wireless telegraph convention, with service regulations annexed thereto, a supplementary agreement, and a final protocol, all signed at Berlin on Nov. 3, 1906. 38 p. Dept. of state. (Senate confidential ex. A.)


American manuscripts in the Royal institution of Great Britain, Report on the.

1907. Vol. 3. Historical manuscript commission. (cd. 3669.) 1s. 11d.

Belgium, convention between the United Kingdom and, for the exchange of money orders. Signed at London, Sept. 17, 1907. Foreign office. (cd. 3755.) 1d.

* When prices are given, the document in question may be obtained for the amount mentioned from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C.

2 Official publications of Great Britain, India and many of the British colonies may be purchased of P. S. King & Son, Orchard House, 2 and 4 Great Smith Street, Westminster, London; cd. refers to papers presented to Parliament by command.

Belgium, order in Council directing that the extradition acts shall apply in the case of, and of the supplementary convention of March 5, 1907. (Statutory rules and orders, 1907, no. 544.) 1d.

Bulgaria, agreement between the Post office of the United Kingdom and the Post office of, for the exchange of postal and telegraph money orders. 1907. Post office. (cd. 3721.) 2}d.

Cyprus, order in council making further provision for the government of the island of. (Statutory rules and orders, 1907, no. 539.) id.

Ecuador, accession of, to the convention signed at Geneva, August 22, 1864, for the amelioration of the condition of the wounded in armies in the field. Aug. 3, 1907. Foreign office. (cd. 3732.) d.

Expanding bullets and asphyxiating gases, accession of the United Kingdom to the declarations signed at The Hague, July 29, 1899, respecting. August 30, 1907. Foreign office. (cd. 3751.) 1d.

International exhibitions, report of the committee on the participation of Great Britain in great. 1907. Board of trade. (cd. 3772), 7d.; (cd. 3773), 3s. 1d.

Italy, agreement between the United Kingdom and, respecting the importation of drugs and medical preparations. July 9, 1907. Foreign office. (cd. 3735.) £d.

Morocco, agreement between the United Kingdom and the United States of America respecting protection of patents in. June 24, 1907. Foreign office. (cd. 3752.) }d.

Newfoundland fisheries, exchange of notes establishing a modus vivendi between the l'nited Kingdom and the United States of America with regard to the. Sept. 4 and 6, 1907. Foreign office. (cd. 3754.) d.

Newfoundland fisheries, notes exchanged with the American ambassador on the subject of the. 1907. Foreign office. (cd. 3734.) }d.

Newfoundland fishery question, further correspondence relating to the. [Oct., 1906, to Sept., 1907.] Foreign office. (cd. 3765.) 1s. 8d.

Norway, order in Council directing that the extradition acts shall apply in the case of the Kingdom of. (Statutory rules and orders, 1907, no. 545.) 1d.

Portugal, declaration between the United Kingdom and, respecting boundaries in Central Africa (Barotseland). Signed at London, Aug. 12, 1903. Foreign office. (cd. 3731.) }d.

Russia, convention between the United Kingdom and, relating to Persia, Afghanistan and Thibet. Signed at St. Petersburgh, Aug. 31, 1907. Foreign office. (cd. 3753.) 1d.

Russia, convention signed on Aug. 31, 1907, between Great Britain and, containing arrangements on the subject of Persia, Afghanistan and Thibet. Foreign office. (cd. 3750.) 14d.

Sanitary convention, international. Signed at Paris, Dec. 3, 1903. Foreign office. (cd. 3730.) 6d.

Sleeping sickness, proceedings of the first international conference on the, held at London in June, 1907. Foreign office. (cd. 3778.) 6d.

State papers, British and foreign. 1902-1903. Vol. 96. 1906. Foreign office. 10s.

Sugar convention, correspondence respecting the additional act to the Brussels, of March 5, 1902, signed at Brussels, Aug. 28, 1907. Foreign office. (cd. 3780.) 4d.

Sweden, agreement between the United Kingdom and, respecting the estates of deceased seamen. Oct. 5, 1907. Foreign office. (cd. 3779.) d.

Venezuela, accession of, to the convention signed at Geneva, July 6, 1906, for the amelioration of the condition of the wounded and sick in armies in the field. July 8, 1907. Foreign office. (cd. 3733.) {d.


Mensaje del Presidente constitucional de la República al Congreso ordinario de 1907. 43 p.


France, convention respecting the commercial relations between Canada and. Ottawa, 1907. 47 p.


Relaciones exteriores, memoria del Ministro de, a la Convencion nacional de 1906. Quito. XX., 204 p. Ministerio de relaciones exteriores.






[1907] 2 King's Bench Division, 157.

Extradition - Crime Committed in Belgium - Prescriptive Period for Punish

ment - Order of Committal to Await Surrender Made Within Prescriptive Period, but During Time Prisoner Serving Sentence for Crime Committed in England — Arrest under Order of Committal After Expiration of Prescriptive Period — Extradition Act, 1870 (33 & 34 Vict., c. 52), s. 3, sub-s. 3; ss. 10, 11 — Extradition Treaty Between United Kingdom and Belgium of October 29, 1901, arts. 9, 11 — Belgium Penal Code, arts. 92, 96.

Rule nisi calling on the governor of Brixton Prison to shew cause why the applicant, Michel Louis van der Auwera, who had been committed to Brixton Prison by a metropolitan magistrate, there to await his surrender to the Belgian Government, should not be brought up and discharged upon the ground that, by art. 92 of the Belgian Penal Code, the offence for which the applicant was sentenced was no longer punishment in Belgium, the period of prescription having expired. On June 28, 1901, the prisoner was convicted of larceny in Belgium in his absence par contumace. The time for appealing expired on July 9 following The prescriptive period of five years, which is fixed by art. 92 of the Belgian Penal Code, then began to run. On February 8,

1 The following translation of the material portions of the Belgian Penal Code, the Code d’Instruction Criminelle, and the Treaty between the United Kingdom and Belgium for the Mutual Surrender of Fugitive Criminals, dated October 29, 1901, was used by the Court:

Belgian Penal Code, art. 92: “ Correctional punishment will be lost by prescription after five completed years, counting from the date of the decree or judgment given in the last resort, or counting from the day when the judgment given in first instance could not longer be contested by way of appeal.”

Art. 96: Prescription of punishment” (that is, the period after which exemption from punishment takes place through lapse of time) “will be interrupted by the arrest of the convicted person.”

Code d'Instruction Criminelle, s. 476: “ If the accused surrenders, or is

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