Proceedings of the Connecticut State Medical Society ...

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the Society, 1918
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Strana 158 - With our backs to the wall and believing in the justice of our cause each one of us must fight to the end. The safety of our homes and the freedom of mankind depend alike upon the conduct of each one of us
Strana 253 - to enlighten and direct public opinion in regard to the great problems of State medicine, so that the profession shall become more capable and honorable within itself, and more useful to the public, in the prevention and cure of disease, and in prolonging and adding comfort to life. Sec.
Strana 257 - as may be arranged, and perform such other duties as custom and parliamentary usage may require. He shall be the real head of the profession of the State during his term of office and, as far as practicable, shall visit by appointment the various sections of the State and assist the Councilors in building up the county
Strana 264 - moves to another county in this state, his name, on request, shall be transferred, without cost, to the roster of the county into whose jurisdiction he moves. Sec. 6. A physician living on or near a county line may hold his membership in that county most convenient .for him to attend, on permission of the
Strana 255 - Sec. 6. It shall consider and advise as to the material interests of the profession, and of the public in those important matters wherein it is dependent upon the profession, and shall use its influence to secure and enforce all proper medical and public health legislation, and to diffuse popular information in relation thereto. Sec.
Strana 258 - He shall conduct the official correspondence, notifying members of meetings, officers of their election, and committees of their appointment and duties. He shall employ such assistants as may be ordered by the House of Delegates, and shall make an annual report to the House of Delegates. He shall supply each component
Strana 264 - written evidence as in its judgment will be best and to most fairly present the facts, but in case of every appeal, both as a Board and as individual councilors in district and county work, efforts at conciliation and compromise shall precede all such hearings. Sec. 5. When a member in good standing in a component
Strana 261 - scientific medicine. It shall keep in touch with professional and public opinion, shall endeavor to shape legislation so as to secure the best results for the whole people, and shall strive to organize professional influence so as to promote the general good of the community in local, state, and national affairs and elections. Sec. 4. The Committee on
Strana 260 - Society during the year, and the amount of all other property belonging to the Society under its control, with such suggestions as it may deem necessary. In the event of a vacancy in the office of the Secretary or the Treasurer, the Council shall fill the vacancy until the next annual election. CHAPTER
Strana 257 - after the reading of the minutes on the morning of the last day of the General Session, but no delegate shall be eligible to any office named in the preceding section except that of councilor, and no person shall be elected to any such office who has not been a member of the

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