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Journal of the Convention

BISMARCK, D. T., July 4, 1889.

The delegates elected to the convention to form a constitution for the new state of North Dakota assembled this day at 12 o'clock m., in the hall of the house of representatives in the territorial capitol in the city of Bismarck, under and by virtue of the provisions of the act of congress, approved February 2, 1889: "An act to provide for the division of Dakota into two states, and to enable the people of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Washington to form constitutions and state governments, and to be admitted into the union on an equal footing with the original states, and to make donations of public lands to such states,

Hon. L. B. Richardson, secretary of the territory of Dakota, called the convention to order.

Prayer by Rev. Dr. Anderson, of Bismarck.

Secretary Richardson delivered a brief address to the delegates.

Mr. Parsons moved that John A. Rea, of Bismarck, be elected secretary pro tem. Carried. Mr. Harris moved that R. M. Tuttle be elected stenographer

tem. Carried. Mr. Parsons moved that the convention proceed to the election of a president.

Mr. Williams moved, as an amendment, that the convention proceed to the election of a president pro tem. Amendment carried.

The original motion, as amended, was adopted.

Mr. Moer moved that F. B. Fancher be elected president pro tem.

The motion was agreed to.

Mr. Johnson and Mr. Williams were apponted a committee to escort Mr. Fanchor to the chair, and the duty assigned to them was duly performed.

pro tem.

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Mr. Scott moved that a committee of three on credentials be appointed by the chair. Carried.

The president appointed as that committee Messrs. Rowe, Miller and Meacham.

Mr. Stevens moved that a committee of ten on rules for permanent organization be appointed. Carried.

Messrs. Stevens, Colton, Scott, Bennett, Turner, Camp, Slotten, Allen, Clark and Appleton were appointed as that committee. Carried.

Mr. Williams moved that the convention adjourn until 10 o'clock a. m., to-morrow. The motion was agreed to, and the convention adjourned.

John A. REA,

Secretary pro tem.

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FRIDAY, JULY 5, 1889—10 O'Clock A. M. The convention met at 10 o'clock a. m., the president pro tem. in the chair.

Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Kline.

Mr. Spaulding moved that editors and newspaper reporters be admitted within the bar of the house.

Which motion prevailed.

Mr. Harris moved that the privileges of the floor be extended to Ex-Govs. Pierce and Ordway.

After an amendment so as to include all ex-federal and territorial officials, the motion was agreed to.

Telegrams of congratulation from the presidents of the Washington and South Dakota constitutional conventions were read.

Mr. Rowe, from the committee on credentials, reported as follows:

We, the committee on credentials, find the following-named persons entitled to seats in the constitutional convention now assembled, as shown by the records in the territorial secretary's office:

First District-H. L. Holmes, R. B. Richardson, W. B. Best.

Second District-Joseph Powles, John McBride, A. F. Appleton.

Third District---C. P. Parsons, P. McHugh, R. B. Glick.
Fourth District-V. B. Noble, J. L. Colton, Ezra Turner.

Fifth District--E. A. Williams, Harvey Harris, John E. Carland.

Sixth District-A. W. Hoyt, A. S. Parsons, Wm. Ray.
Seventh District-J. B. Gayton, G. H. Fay, C. V. Brown.

Eighth District-W. H. Rowe, A. D. Flemington, L. D. Bartlett.

Ninth District-S. H. Moer, R. N. Stevens, Andrew Sandager.

Tenth District-John Shuman, J. D. McKenzie, John Powers,

Eleventh District-- W. S. Lauder, Andrew Slotten, W. E. Purcell.

Twelfth District-H. F. Miller, B. F. Spalding, J. Lowell.

Thirteenth District--Addison Leach, R. M. Pollock, H. M. Peterson.

Fourteenth District--E. W. Chaffee, Wm. J. Clapp, Enos Gray. Fifteenth District--Elmer Elliott, J. W. Scott, J. Wellwood.

Sixteenth District-E. W. Camp, F. B. Fancher, Andrew Blewett.

Seventeenth District--E. S. Rolfe, H. M. Clark, O. G. Meacham.

Eighteenth District-David Bartlett, E. D. Wallace E. M. Paulson.

Nineteenth District-J. F. Selby, M. F. Hegge, Knud J. Nomland.

Twentieth District-Wm. Budge, Richard Bennett, Alexander Griggs.

Twenty-first District-A. P. Haugen, J. H. Mathews, Chas. Carothers.

Twenty-second District-M. N. Johnson, M. V. Linwell, T. W. Bean.

Twenty-third District-A. O. Whipple, Edward Lohnes, J. F. O'Brien.

Twenty-fourth District-A. D. Robertson, M. K. Marrinan, James Bell.

Twenty-fifth District-Roger Allin, John Almen, James Douglas.


Chairman. 0. G. MEACHAM.

H. F. MILLER. Mr. McHugh moved that the report of the committee be adopted.

Motion agreed to. Mr. Williams moved that the convention proceed to the election of a president. Carried.

Mr. Camp placed in nomination F. B. Fancher, of Stutsman county.

Mr. Purcell placed in nomination John E. Carland, of Burleigh.

Mr. Carland moved that the oath of office be administered to the members by the Hon. Roderick Rose, associate justice of the supreme court. Agreed to.

The oath of office was then administered to all the members.

The roll being called, the following was the vote of the convention for president:

Those voting for Mr. Fancher were

Messrs. Allin, Almen, Bartlett of Dickey, Bartlett of Griggs, Bean, Bennett, Brown, Budge, Camp, Carland, Carotheis, Chaffee,

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