Abraham Lincoln: The Boy and the Man 1908

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Kessinger Publishing, 1. 6. 2003 - Počet stran: 504
1908. This book is not a critical study, but a simple story. Its aim is to present in dramatic pictures the struggles and achievements of a common man, in whom the race of common men is exalted; who solved great problems by the plain rules of common sense and wrought great deeds by the exercise of the common qualities of honesty and courage, patience, justice and kindness. That is the Lincoln who stands forth as the true prophet of a reunited people and the noblest product of that democracy which is slowly uniting all peoples in fraternal bonds. Illustrated.

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James C. Morgan is chairman and chief executive officer of Applied Materials, Inc., the world's largest independent manufacturer of semiconductor equipment. Mr. Morgan is a member of the National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors, which advises President Bush and the Congress on a national strategy to strengthen the competitiveness of the U.S. semiconductor industry. He is also co-chairman, with Akio Morita, of the Japan-Western U.S. Association.

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