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OPINION (Popular) defcribd.

, N. 460
Oftentation, one of the Inhabitants of the Pao
radise of Fools, N. 460.
Otway, his admirable Description of the Miseries

Law-suits, N. 456.
Ovid, his Description of the Palace of Fame, N. 439.


AMPHLETS, Defamatory, detestable, N. 451,

Passions of Hope and Fear, treated of, N. . 471.
Pallionate People their Faults, N. 438. Nat Lee's De

scription of one, ibid.
Peevish Fellow describ’d, N. 438.
Persecution in Religious Matters Immoral, N. 4594
Phocion's Saying of a vain Promiser, N. 448.
Philipater's Letter about his Daughter's Dancing, N

Pindar's Saying of Theron, N. 467.
Places of Trust, who most fit for 'em, N. 469. Why

courted by Men of generous Principles, ibid.
Pleasant Fellows to be avoided, N. 462.
Pleasantry in Conversation, the Faults it covers, N,

Poverty the Loss of Merit, N. 464.
Praise, the Love of it deeply fix'd in Mens Minds, N.

Promises (Neglect of) thro frivolous Falfhood, N.

Promifers condemn'd, N. 448.
Psalms 23 and 114 translated, N. 441,461.
Pfalmift, of Providence N. 441.


Punn of Thought, N. 454.
Pythagoras, his Precept about the Choice of a Course

of Life, N. 447

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Que then Bill

, N. 444. Doctors, the Cheats of



AMBLE, from Richmond by Water to London,

and about it, by the Spectator, N.454.
Raphael, the Excellence of his Pictures, N. 467.
Read (Sir William) his Operations on the Eyes, N.472.
Religion confider'd, N. 459.
Riches corruft Mens Morals, N. 464.
Richa Men, their Defects over-look'd, N. 464.
Ridicule put to a good Use, N. 445
Riding Dress of Ladies, the Extravagance of it, N.435 *
Rusty (Scabbard) his Letter to the Spectator, N. 449.


ALUTATIONS in Churches censur'd, N. 460.

Satires, the English, Ribaldry and Billingsgate, N.
451. Panegyrical on our selves, 473.
Scales (golden) a Dream of them, N. 463,
Scandal, how monstrous it renders us, N. 451.
Scot (Dr.) his Christian Life, its Merit, N. 447.
Scotch, a Saying of theirs, N. 463.
Scriblers against the Spectator, why neglected by Him,

N. 445

Self-Conceit one of the Inhabitants of the Paradife of

Fools, N. 460.
Sempronia the Match-Maker, N.437.

Sexes, different, the Advantages of it to each, N. 433
Sherlock (Dr.) improv'd the Notion of Heaven and Hell,

N. 447:

Sílk-Worm, a Character of one, N. 454.
Similitudes, an ill one in a Pulpit, N. 455.
sippet (fack) his Character, N. 448.
Snarlers, N.438.
Song with Notes, N. 470.
Spectator, his Invitation to all sorts of People to affift

him, N. 442. About the Stamps, 445. Guardian
of the Fair Sex, 449. his Advertisements, 461, a-
bout the Price of his paper, ibid. put into the Gold-

en Scales, 463. a sort of News-Letter, 468.
Spies not to be trusted, N. 439. despis'd by Great Men,

Stamps, how fatal to weekly Historians, N.445.
Stint (Jack) and Will. Trap, their Adventure, N. 448.
Syncopius the Passionate, his Character, N. 438.



ALE-BEARERS censured, N. 439.

Thames, its Banks, and the Boats on it, descris

bed, N. 454.

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Theognis, a beautiful Saying of his, N. 464.
Tillotson (Archbishop) improved the Notion of Heaven
and Hell, N.

Trap (Mr.) his Letter to Mr. Stint, N. 448.
Trimming, the Spectator unjustly accused of it, N.445


VAINLOVES the Family of: No

Vanity, the Paradise of Fools, N. 460. a Vision
of her and her Attendants, ibid,

Viner (Sir Robert) his Familiarity with King Charles II.

N. 462.
Understanding, should master the Paffions, N.438.

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Wealthy Men fix the Characters of Persons to
their Circumstances, N. 469.
Weed (Ephraim) his Letter to the Spectator about his

Marriages and Estate, N.450.
Whispering-place, Dionysius the Tyrant's, N. 439,
Whisperers Political, N. 457.
Women have always Designs upon Men, N. 433.

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