The Academy, Or, A Picture of Youth

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J. Harris, 1808 - Počet stran: 182

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Strana 120 - Whatl cried I, my dear, has our son Joseph to do with dragoon asses and horses. I unwittingly put the asses first. — She laughed. I stared at her, and shaking my head, I said to myself, Ah '. my poor wife ! for I really thought that she was touched in the brain. She then thrust the letter into my hand ; I read it, and when I came to the last part, I felt that I was a father.
Strana 109 - He retired, and some time after his arrival, he wrote a small note to the Rector, expressive of sorrow For his conduct, and requesting permission to keep his room for the evening. Mr Macadam granted the request, and at the same time desired the servant to say, that he was assured that Master Scourhill would find himself much fatigued after his brilliant display of assmanship, which so much astonished the village. The errors of a boy must be corrected by corporeal punishment, or by the deprivation...
Strana 65 - I told thee that the angel of death was at my heels; thou still didst deny it. I then besought it in the name of thy God ; thou didst take up a gun. Thy countenance was terrible. I saw it. I left thy presence. I left thy house. I turned upon my foot, and said, Lo there lives the white man, the foe of the stranger ! Dost thou now fear that I shall lift myarm against thee?
Strana 62 - The hunter retired : to remonstrate was vain, and to employ force would only bring destruction upon himself. Roused with indignation, he left the inhuman farmer, and made for the plantation, which he soon gained, and threw himself down at the foot of a tall pine. His manly heart was yielding to grief, when he heard a rustling noise directly above his head. It proceeded from two large fowls which were nestling in the branches.
Strana 108 - Scourhill on the appearance he made upon his war horse ; but while they were yet speaking, the trumpet sounded, and the animal, roused into spirit, set off at a full trot, and fell into the front rank. Immediately the signal was given for a charge, and Scourhill, and his horse, with the baskets dangling by its sides, flew off at full speed, amid the shouts and huzzas of the whole crowd. The instant that the regiment...
Strana 113 - Scourbill had to pass a mill. A child playing on the margin of the stream that supplied it with water, fell in, and was floating toward the mill-wheel, when the youth seeing its danger, rushed forward, and caught it by the clothes, just as it was on the point of destruction. Several people witnessed the event ; and the report, that a child was carried into the mill-wheel, flew through the village, and every mother came running to the place.
Strana 60 - Encouraged by this hope, he proceeded forward; but lie had not gone far before night involved him in darkness, and he entangled himself in a morass at the imminent hazard of his life. From this perilous situation, he happily extricated himself, though not without extreme difficulty; and no sooner did he arrive at a place of safety, than he threw himself upon the ground, undetermined what course to pursue.
Strana 58 - THE AMERICAN INDIAN. AN American Indian one day rose early, and prepared for the chase. I go to the wood, said he to his wife ; I kill the deer, and return to thee when the sun sets behind the mountain. He repaired to the wood, and traversed it for a long time without success : towards the evening O" however, he had the good fortune to start a deer.

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