Historical Collections of the Danvers Historical Society

Přední strana obálky
Danvers Historical Society, 1920
Includes "Necrology."

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Strana 115 - For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance ; but from him that hath not, shall be taken away even that which he hath. And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness ; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
Strana 64 - Be it therefore enacted that where persons bring up their children in such gross ignorance that they do not know or are not able to distinguish the alphabet or twenty-four letters, at the age of six years, in such case, the overseers of the poor are hereby empowered and directed to put or bind out into good families such children, for a decent and Christian education...
Strana 24 - I feel myself unequal to this business. A more extensive knowledge of the realm, the colonies, and of commerce, as well as of law and policy, is necessary, than I am master of. What can be done ? Will it be expedient to propose an annual congress of committees ? to petition ? Will it do to petition at all ? — to the King? to the Lords ? to the Commons ? What will such consultations avail ? Deliberations alone will not do.
Strana 7 - My name is BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, I was born at Boston, am a Printer by profession, am travelling to Philadelphia, shall return at such a time, and have no news — now what can you give me for dinner
Strana 70 - Well, what about the tea tax?" "Tea tax, I never drank a drop of the stuff. The boys threw it all overboard." "Then, I suppose, you had been reading Harrington, or Sidney and Locke, about the eternal principles of liberty?
Strana 119 - Colleagues & the Gentlemen from New Hampshire. 16. I wrote to M™ Holten, Mr Kittell & my daughter Polly. 17. Chevalier de la Luzern was admitted to a public audience with Congress & dined with Congress. 18. The Chevalier paid us a visit by leaving a card. 19. We had 7 Gent, dined with us. Congress passed several resolutions for regulating prices. 20. I dined with Mr Smith, my Colleagues, the Gentlemen from New Hampshire & Pres* Reed dined with us. 21. I rec'da letter from Joseph Hall, junr and...
Strana 83 - WHEN I remember them, those friends of mine. Who are no longer here, the noble three, Who half my life were more than friends to me, And whose discourse was like a generous wine, I most of all remember the divine Something, that shone in them, and made us see The archetypal man, and what might be The amplitude of Nature's first design. In vain I stretch my bands to clasp their hands ; I cannot find them. Nothing now is left But a majestic memory.
Strana 41 - Parifh in Bev. erly. — ALSO, one half of a Dwelling-Houfe near faid Mills, and about 2$ Acres of Land. The Conditions will be made known at the time and place of fale, which will be at the above Dwelling-Houfe. For particulars, apply to ISRAEL WOODBERY, on the premifes. Beverly, May 9, 1797. Mr. Davis died July 17, 1840, intestate, and the title to the mill descended to his children and grandchildren. Charles Davis, William Davis (by a trustee), Alpheus Davis, Augustine Lovett and wife Lucy D....
Strana 119 - The dinner was grand & elegant. 3. The President of Congress drank tea with us. 4. Congress spent part of the day considering the commissary & Quartermasters departments. 6. Being ill, I have not been out today. 7. I wrote to the Rev. Dr Gordon. Being ill, I have not been out this day. 8. The Minister of France & about 10 other Gentlemen of the first character dined with us. 9. Thanksgiving. Attended at Dr Duffield's and Dr Ewing's. 10. I spent part of this day with the comt on Gen. Arnold's accounts....
Strana 113 - M" Dolley & all her boarders moved from 2d street in to Front street to Gen. Mifflin's house. I wrote to the Hon. Mr Gill. 7. Maj. Rice, aide-de-camp to Gen. Lincoln, arrived with dispatches from ye Gen1, but brought no new material. 9. Walked out with Colo. Peabody. I wrote to the Hon. Gen. Ward. 10. Congress ordered the money to be forwarded to Mass. Bay to exchange the emissions that are out of circulation.

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