The Veterinary Record, and Transactions of the Veterinary Medical Association, Svazky 1–2

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Longman, Brown, Green, & Longmans, 1845

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Strana 22 - It must be so — Plato, thou reasonest well ; Else whence this pleasing hope, this fond desire, This longing after immortality ? Or whence this secret dread, and inward horror, Of falling into nought ? Why shrinks the soul Back on herself, and startles at destruction ? Tis the divinity that stirs within us ; 'Tis heaven itself, that points out an hereafter, And intimates eternity to man...
Strana 373 - ... thirty-five feet in the same period. In this space of time a race-horse could clear only ninety feet, which is at the rate of more than a mile in a minute. Our little fly, in her swiftest flight, will in the same space of time go more than the third of a mile. Now, compare the infinite difference of the size of the two animals (ten millions of the fly would hardly counterpoise one racer), and how wonderful will the velocity of this minute...
Strana 8 - If the spring put forth no blossoms, in summer there will be no beauty, and in autumn, no fruit: so, if youth be trifled away without improvement, manhood will probably be contemptible, and old age miserable.
Strana 35 - Lord and gentlemen, I thank you for the kindness with which you have listened to me...
Strana 23 - Knowst thou th' importance of a soul immortal ? Behold this midnight glory : worlds on worlds ! Amazing pomp! redouble this amaze ; Ten thousand add ; add twice ten thousand more; Then weigh the whole; one soul out-weighs them all, And calls th' astonishing magnificence Of unintelligent creation poor.
Strana 204 - On beholding their shoes, the new moon turned pale with envy, and nearly disappeared from the sky. Such horses, the eye of the sun has never before beheld in his course through the universe.
Strana 72 - He does not think it is to be trusted to. Ninthly. So far from acting generally as an anodyne, its effect was so disagreeable, that the majority of those who took it once, only did so a second time on compulsion...
Strana 331 - The poor beetle, which we tread upon, In corporal sufferance feels a pang as great As when a giant dies.
Strana 103 - Nay, take my life and all; pardon not that: You take my house, when you do take the prop That doth sustain my house; you take my life, When you do take the means whereby I live.
Strana 14 - THERE is no remedy for time misspent ; No healing for the waste of idleness Whose very languor is a punishment Heavier than active souls can feel or guess. O hours of indolence and discontent, Not now to be redeemed ! ye sting not less Because I know this span of life was lent For lofty duties, not for selfishness. Not to be wiled away in aimless dreams, But to improve ourselves, and serve mankind, Life, and its choicest faculties were given.

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