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Strana 1 - My mother ! when I learn'd that thou wast dead, Say, wast thou conscious of the tears I shed ? Hover'd thy spirit o'er thy sorrowing son, Wretch even then, life's journey just begun ? Perhaps thou gav'st me, though unseen, a kiss ; Perhaps a tear, if souls can weep in bliss — Ah, that maternal smile ! it answers — Yes.
Strana 118 - SWIFTER far than summer's flight, Swifter far than youth's delight, Swifter far than happy night, Art thou come and gone: As the earth when leaves are dead, As the night when sleep is sped, As the heart when joy is fled, I am left lone, alone.
Strana 50 - That man that is born of a woman, is of few days, and full of misery — that he cometh forth like a flower, and is cut down ; he fleeth also as a shadow, and continueth not.
Strana 220 - Emily, A ship is floating in the harbour now; A wind is hovering o'er the mountain's brow ; There is a path on the sea's azure floor, — No keel has ever ploughed that path before ; The halcyons brood around the foamless isles ; The treacherous ocean has forsworn its wiles ; The merry mariners are bold and free : Say, my heart's sister, wilt thou sail with me?
Strana 55 - O man ! hold thee on in courage of soul Through the stormy shades of thy worldly way, And the billows of cloud that around thee roll Shall sleep in the light of a wondrous day, Where hell and heaven shall leave thee free To the universe of destiny.
Strana 1 - Perhaps a tear, if souls can weep in bliss ; Ah, that maternal smile, it answers yes ! I heard the bell tolled on thy burial day, I saw the hearse that bore thee slow away, And, turning from my nursery window, drew A long, long sigh, and wept a last adieu ! But was it such ? It was.
Strana 84 - Acting on the principle that I had a right to do as I liked with my own...

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