Did God Screw Up?

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This book is the first of its kind from a lifetime of research which started out during the bombing raids by the Germans in 1941 (World War 2) in Plymouth, England, the second most heavily bombed city in England.Victor traces his remarkable journey over a period of more than 65 years. He offers an unsparing indictment of the American addiction to religion--from television to the Web. The American experiment with religion and right-winged wacko fundamentalism is an insult to the American intellectual who is a freethinker endowed with scientific intellectualism, freethought and enlightenment.The toxic dependency on American anti-intellectualism and anti-rationalism is proof religion has addled the minds of most Americans. This book offers ample proof that the god you think exists, doesn't exist at all. Two thousand years of lies are finally blown away by this book which reveals the total absurdity and ridiculousness of such a diabolical, theological pursuit.

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