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BELFAST. — Briggs, J., & Co., 11 and 13, Queen's square
BIRMINGHAM.-Cheshire, Gibson, Son, & Fowler, 73, New_street

Thomas & Bettridge, Waterloo street

Weller & Locker, 18, New street BLACKBURN.-Salisbury & Hamer, 54, Church'street; and at Manchester

Margerison, Mark N., Town Hall street BOLTON. --Lomax, Sons, & Mills, 15, Wood street BRADFORD, Yorks. -Best (T. S.);& Harris, Bridge street, and Hall Ings

Stansfield, W. G., & Co., “The Bradford ” Sale Rooms, Forster square
BRISTOL. - Alexander, Daniel, Selfe, & Co., Bank Chambers, Corn street
BURY, Lancs.—Jackson, Samuel, & Son, 46, Bolton st. ; and at Prestwich
CAMBRIDGE. —Jacobs & Hast, St. Andrews street
CARLISLE.--Hardy, C. P., Lowther street
CHELTENHAM.-Harrison, Bayley, & Adams, 4, Promenade
DUBLIN.–Bennett & Son, 5 and 6, Upper Ormond quay

North, James H., 102, Grafton street
Sullivan, J. W., 8, D’Olier street

Auctioneer of Books and Prints exclusively
EDINBURGH.-Dowell, Alexander, 18, George street
GLASGOW.—Duncan, Keith & McCloy, 157, Hope street
GLOUCESTER.—Bruton, Knowles, & Co., Albion Chambers, King street
HARROGATE.-Ainsworth, James,|3, Parliament street
HASTINGS.—Cousins, Henry, 39, Queen's road
HEREFORD.-Merrick, F. H.
IPSWICH.—Bond, Robert, & Sons, Old Bank House. Established 1854
KENDAL. — Derome, M., & Son, 21, Stramongate
LANCASTER. —Warriner, R. C., 10, Arcade, Market street
LEEDS. —Hepper & Son, 17A, East parade

Hollis & Webb, 26, Park row and South parade LIVERPOOL. — Branch & Leete, 60, Hanover street

Whitehead, Thomas, & Son, 67, Hanover street
LONDON.—Christie, Manson, & Woods, 8, King st., St. James's square, s. w.

Hodgson, H. H., & Co., 115, Chancery lane, w.c.
Puttick & Simpson, 47, Leicester square, w.C.

Sotheby, Wilkinson, & Hodge, 13, Wellington street, Strand, w.C. MANCHESTER. — Artingstall & Hind, 45, Princess street

Capes, Dunn, & Pilcher, 8, Clarence street
Ellis, William, 37, Corporation street

Salisbury (William) & Hamer, 2, Norfolk street ; and at Blackburn NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE.-Davison & Son, Academy of Arts, Blackett street

Mack, R. & W., & Co., 73, Pilgrim street
OLDHAM.—Mellor, Allen, 21, Queen street

Sowden, Job, 28, Clegg street
OXFORD.—Mallam, J. R., & Son, 126, High street
PRESTON.-Dewhurst & Son
ROCHDALE.—Hargreaves, John, John street

Shepherd, William, & Son, Yorkshire street

Swift, William, The Butts
SHEFFIELD.-Lockwood, J. R., Bow street

Nicholson, Greaves, Barber, & Hastings, High street
SHREWSBURY.-- Hall (William), Wateridge, & Owen, 4, Belmont
SOUTHPORT.—Hatch, John, Albany Chambers, Lord street
STOCKPORT.-Brady & Son, 17, Warren street
WIGAN.—Worthington, Thomas, King street
YORK.-Richardson & Trotter, 21A, Coney street

Rare Books & MSS. Dept.

62a, Piccadilly, and 1a, Albemarle-St., London, W.

H. S. NICHOLS, Ltd., desire to call the attention of Book Collectors to the fact that they are Dealers in




MSS. on Vellum, Illuminated with Miniatures.

Exemplaires de Travail.
Paris and Sarum Missals.

Incunabula and Gothic Letter Books, with or without Figures.


WORKS ON THE VARIOUS SPORTS, COMPRISING The Chase, Falconry, Cocking, Hunting, Shooting, Angling, &c.

Early English Poetry and the Drama, French and

English Belles Lettres.

GRAND AND CHOICE EDITIONS DE LUXE. Rich, Curious, Historical, and Unique Bindings,

Literary Curiosities, &c., &c.

All Books are guaranteed complete in the absence of indication

to the contrary, and will be sent on inspection if desired. Catalogues are issued, and will be forwarded gratis on receipt of name

and address. All communications answered.

Telegraphic Address—Nicchio, London.
Telephone Nos. 1807 and 3931.

Bookbinding Department

61 & 62, High Street, Bloomsbury, London, W.C.


S. NICHOLS, Ltd., desire to call attention to their Book-
BINDING DEPARTMENT. They have secured the late Mr.
Bedford's magnificent and unique collection of Binding Tools,

comprising, amongst others, sets of the designs of GROLIER, DEROME, NICHOLAS and Clovis Eve, Maioli, ROGER PAYNE, LE GASCON, also designs for Bindings in the HARLEIAN or MONASTIC styles, and also a large number of Tools of emblematic designs for Sporting Books, together with thousands of other designs of every description of ornament of the French, Italian, and English Schools.

H. S. Nichols, Ltd., undoubtedly possess the most remarkable and unique Binding establishment in this country, and with the tools they secured the men-several of them acknowledged masters of the craft-and without hesitation they may assert that the work executed by them cannot be surpassed for quaintness, originality, art of design, and first-class workmanship and finish. They will endeavour to maintain constant improvement, until specimens “ Bound by Nichols” shall be as recherché, as much valued, coveted, and collected as those bound by the great masters whose designs are in their possession. In the tRestoration of Ancient and Valuable Bindings


special skill and care is devoted, as also to the Cleaning and Mending of soiled copies of Valuable Books. Manuscripts on Vellum, Kare Manuscript Letters, and Old Records preserved in the best possible

In this branch of the art they have secured the services of the man who par excellence excels all others.

ORDINARY BINDING, always first-class work, for Magazines, etc., at low prices.

Arms, MONOGRAMS, ETC., designed and cut in brass and embossed upon any kind of leather, vellum, or other material. Special designs and estimates submitted for Choice and Delicate Work. Presentation Testimonials to order in the form of a book, with Illuminated Lettering Pieces for same.

SPECIALITÉ.-Drop Cases, etc., made in every style, covered with morocco, calf, or other material, and handsomely and appropriately tooled, for preserving books in the original parts or boards; also Drop Cases for preserving fine and old bindings.

Telegraphic Address—Nicchio, London.
Telephone Nos. 1807 and 3931.

Printing Department


H. S. NICHOLS, Ltd., desire to call attention to their PRINTING DEPARTMENT, and to state that they are prepared to undertake the Printing and production both of text and illustrations of

Grand and Cboice Editions de Lure

On Pure Vellum, Japanese Vellum, Fine Hand-made

Papers, or Ordinary Papers,



Both in Old and Modern Style, comprising Letterpress Printing, Book Printing, Catalogue Printing, Commercial, Law, and

General Printing. Designing and Engraving undertaken, as also Photogravure, Heliogravure, Collotype, Process Block Work, Electrotyping, Copperplate Engraving, Moulding, Stereotyping, and the finest Steel and Wood Engraving of full-page Illustrations, Vignettes, Culs de Lampes, Fleurons, &c.

The Designing of BOOK PLATES a specialité.

The most stylish and fashionable as well as the most brilliant DIES are cut, and Note Paper and Envelopes impressed therewith.


Telegraphic Address—Nicchio, London.
Telephone Nos. 1807 and 3931.

[blocks in formation]

Some of the important Publications issued being Burton's ARABIAN NIGHTS, 12 vols.; VICTOR HUGO's ROMANCES, 28 vols.; DUMAS' CELEBRATED CRIMES, 8 vols.; the Collection of Court MEMOIRS, the Collection of HISTORIC MEMOIRS, the FIN DE SIÈCLE LIBRARY, the NUDE IN ART, &c., &c.

Full Catalogue of all will be sent on application.

H. S. Nichols, Ltd., will be glad to hear from Authors with manuscripts ready for publication, and to consider proposals for new books, and can offer the exceptional facilities and valuable advantages of combined Printing, Illustrating, Binding, Publishing, and selling direct to the public.

All MSS. are carefully read [by highly competent Readers, and when publication is advised H. S. Nichols, Ltd.

are prepared to give advantageous terms.

Telegraphic Address—Nicchio, London.
Telephone Nos. 1807 and 3931.

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